– Call on a professional decorator for the installation of waxed concrete

 – Go through a craftsman

 – Price of waxed concrete installation

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You can undertake this type of project if you are a seasoned do-it-yourselfer. Still, for obtaining an optimal and aesthetic result, it is strongly recommended to call upon a professional to get a waxed concrete floor.

 Floor preparation for waxed concrete

 If you are going to do the job yourself, waxed concrete can be applied on an existing concrete slab and tile or wood, but never on a dirt floor.

For DIY, please read here: How Do You Lay Waxed Concrete Floor and Maintain It?

 The installation of waxed concrete is not given to every seasoned handyman because it can also be challenging. In this case, who should you contact for the installation of waxed concrete?

To obtain a finished and neat project, you can call upon a specialized company.

 If you call upon a professional, it will be essential to determine your budget as closely as possible and to compete by asking for several estimates. The price per square meter can vary from simple to triple.

Calling a decorator for the installation of waxed concrete

Hiring an interior decorator can be vital if you are lost in the project. You will be able to determine with him what you expect.

A decorator will have to take care of the entire project:

  • advice for the decoration,
  • the choice of artisans for the laying of waxed concrete,
  • the progress of the work and especially that deadlines are agreed and binding.

 But beware, an interior decorator implies a budget more critical than an artisan for all the evoked services.

 Do not hesitate to contact several decorators and compare the different services offered by asking for quotes.

 Go through an artisan

 Building artisans, as well as masons, are numerous on the market. You will easily find these craftsmen on the yellow pages, for example.

 Once the craftsman is chosen, he will determine with you the feasibility of the project, tell you if your walls or floors are sound and can be suitable for waxed concrete. His advice will be very precious for the success of your project.

 It will therefore be essential to ask them for an estimate. This one will have to include:

  • the services provided;
  • the price of the waxed concrete installation per m2 ;
  • the deadlines…

 You can then make a comparison between the different craftsmen on the same criteria.

 Tip: given the current economic situation, do not hesitate to negotiate the prices for the chosen person’s various services.

 Price of waxed concrete laying

 The waxed concrete installation price is between $25 and $100 per square meter, but be careful; it will depend on the craftsman’s or decorator’s performance! This is why it is essential to compare prices and services.


 If you wish to lay the waxed concrete yourself, do not hesitate to call the seller of the large sign you have selected.

 He will know how to meet your expectations best. In most cases, the salespeople have received training on the products in their departments.

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