Renovating a coffee table can be done with a few brush strokes with primary acrylic paint. But why not give it some “pep” by covering it with waxed concrete?

Indeed, a waxed concrete table will have a unique design aspect that you will integrate into your decoration in the building and construction project of your kitchen area.

Placing waxed concrete on a table

Even if you have never laid waxed concrete, you should complete your project successfully by following these few tips. Covering a table with waxed concrete is not that complicated, as long as you choose a reasonable size.

To begin:

– Get a ready-to-use waxed concrete kit that you can find on the Internet or in a do-it-yourself store.

– To complete your project, you will need a few tools such as a float, trowel, or mixer that you can rent from a hardware store.

– Once these elements are assembled, the laying of the waxed concrete on the table can begin:

– First, you will need to apply the primer on the tabletop and table legs.

– You will then lay the waxed concrete mixed with the colorant using a trowel and grout float to smooth.

– After a few hours of drying, you will have to polish the surface with a smoothing machine, for example.

– Of course, installation instructions may vary from one manufacturer to another.

Tip: To practice, try laying waxed concrete on pieces of planks, for example.

– You will do the maintenance of your table with a simple sponge without bleach or corrosive products.

Caution: Before installing waxed concrete, it is essential to protect your hands with disposable gloves and wear a mask. Also, remember to protect your floors with plastic sheeting to avoid splashes.

Waxed concrete table and decoration


Your waxed concrete table can fit into any ambiance, whether it is a North African, design, rustic, etc., decor. It all depends on the chosen color and the texture obtained after the waxed concrete has been laid.

All ambiances are possible. For example, to create a Moroccan atmosphere:

    – First, choose the color of the table.

    – The walls will be lighter but in the same color as the waxed concrete’s pigment.

    – You will fix an elegant waxed, carved wooden frame in the broader wall.


Before choosing furniture, it is essential to integrate it into a room with the right surface area and light to take on its full value.

Do not hesitate to favor the purchase of deep leather or plain fabric covered sofas that will surround your waxed concrete table.

Finally, shelves on metal and glass legs can be scattered on both sides of the room without overloading the walls.


To create a warm atmosphere, do not hesitate to choose the textiles’ colors by matching them with the color of the waxed concrete table.

Simple curtains of the same color will bring a soft, subdued light while giving the room all its clarity.

Avoid thick curtains that will obscure the light a little, compress the room, and mask the effects of the waxed concrete.

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