Floor preparation for waxed concrete
Laying waxed concrete on the ground

Maintenance of waxed concrete: products to use

What products should not be used?

First and foremost, it is strongly recommended to call upon a professional to lay a waxed concrete floor to obtain an optimal and aesthetic result. This is no easy job; however, you can undertake this type of project if you are a seasoned do-it-yourselfer.

Floor preparation for waxed concrete
Waxed concrete can be applied to an existing concrete slab and tile or wood.

The grout (a mixture of elements with added water), relatively liquid, will be poured on the floor, so you will have to make a formwork. Making a formwork allows you to obtain clean edges.

This one will be made of boards (for example), which will be maintained by clamps or by screwed brackets that can be recovered after use.

The support to be covered must be sound, without holes or cracks. If this is the case, apply a filler to the holes and cracks.

Finally, before laying the waxed concrete, it will be essential to spread a layer of concrete glue on the floor to act as an adhesion layer. This glue will be applied with a roller over the entire surface.

Laying waxed concrete on the floor
The realization of a waxed concrete floor requires two layers.

Laying the first layer
Once the mixture has been mixed according to the manufacturer's instructions :

Pour it on the surface to be covered
Smooth the surface with a squeegee (for example) to spread it.
The thickness of the layer on the floor will not exceed 5 mm.
Allow to dry for a few hours and check with a level or ruler identical to the patching level that the layer is flat.
Then polish the grout layer with a trowel for a small area (less than 20 m2) or with a polisher if you are working on a large surface. This will save you a lot of time.
Let it dry between 8 and 15 days according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Applying the second coat
For the second layer of waxed concrete on a floor:

Wet the floor to saturate it with water.
Smooth again with the trowel or polisher and, if necessary, add product if the floor is not flat.
Once the floor is dry, roll the wax.
The layer should be greasy and evenly applied.
Allow drying about 10 hours before polishing the waxed concrete floor with a soft cloth (for a small area) or a polisher.

Tip: if you have laid waxed concrete in a shower room, protect it with a bi-component varnish so that there is no limescale clinging to it.

Some maintenance tips:
The maintenance is identical for walls and floors, but be careful; it is not done just anyhow!

Don't panic; for proper maintenance, we recommend you to follow these few tips...

Maintenance of waxed concrete: products to use
The maintenance of a floor covered with waxed concrete will not be done with just any household product.

For a new floor, regular washing with a simple mop will do the trick. You can clean your floor with a multi-purpose product that does not contain any acid.

To restore the shine to your floor, you can also mop it up, but this time with a special wax that you will shine with a dry, soft cloth.

Finally, in the case of resistant stains, use a household product with a neutral pH.

Which products should not be used?
If you are faced with a resistant stain, do not under any circumstances use a wire brush or abrasive brush (iron straw, for example), which could damage your floor.

Please avoid using any household products containing acid or bleach, as the protective layer will not resist it.

Maintenance of waxed concrete outdoors
If you have had waxed concrete laid outdoors, the floor will be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.

If it has lost its shine, a superior exterior wax coat can be applied every two years on average.
Hope this post helps you out! Should you be looking for professionals, please drop your comment below, and we'll back to you quickly.