– Presentation of printed concrete

 – On which substrates should the stencil concrete be applied?

 – How to lay the printed concrete?

 – Price of stencil concrete or imprint

Printed concrete is also called stencil concrete or impression concrete, and it is part of decorative concretes such as washed concrete, smooth concrete, stamped concrete, or deactivated concrete.

What is printed concrete?

Printed concrete owes its name to the fact that it is possible to integrate different patterns such as rosettes, tiles, or others.

It is also called stencil concrete or imprint concrete because the impression is made employing stencils embedded in the screed to leave a mark.

A wide range of stencils exists and is specific to each manufacturer. The effects obtained can be various such as wood, stone, or rose aspect.

The printed concrete is mainly used outdoors for the realization of a terrace, for example.

Good to know: the ravages of time will give waxed concrete a particular patina close to real paving stones or cobblestones, depending on the chosen pattern.

On which supports should stencil concrete be applied?

Stencil concrete can be applied in a single application when laying a concrete slab or in a relatively thick layer when renovating a floor, stairs…

The substrate must be clean and sound (i.e., without cracks, holes, cracks, or moss).

If the substrate is not clean, it will be essential to strip it with a high-pressure cleaner.

If you wish to renovate your terrace (for example), applying a thin layer of mortar will allow the filling of holes or possible cracks.

How to lay the printed concrete?

The installation of printed concrete will generally be done by a professional, but nothing prevents you from taking the plunge if you are a seasoned handyman.

Here are the steps for laying printed concrete:

 – The installation will be done during the laying of a screed.

 – A hardener will be sprinkled on the surface to give a high resistance to the terrace (for example).

 A stencil will then be applied at the desired locations and removed before the screed is completely dry to give a light imprint.

 – A drying time of 24 hours will be necessary.

 – A sweeping of the slab will be essential to remove any roughness.

 – Finally, an anti-stain resin will be sprayed.

 ◦ Price of stencil concrete or imprint

First of all, the cost of printed concrete is calculated per square meter, whether you call in a professional or do it yourself.

The price of colors, basic materials, and services (if you use an artisan) must also be considered.

If you choose to select your products on the canvas, you will have to consider the shipping costs.

It is, therefore, essential to calculate all these elements.

 Hope the above helps you out. If you wish to find a professional, we can put you in touch with one or more specialists in your area. Please, remember to leave your comments in the section below.

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