Property construction is the norm in any city, which is focused on development and modernization. Therefore, there will always be construction activity in the city. It can be new construction or renovation. It can be a domestic residence or a commercial property. After construction or renovation, there would be a lot of debris and dust circulating. The property may be beautiful but not habitable or functional until it is thoroughly cleaned.

Building cleaning is one of the toughest jobs in the cleaning industry, and most companies do not excel at it. Post-construction cleaning is very beneficial for general contractors, builders and homeowners. They are usually subcontracted after the completion of major or large-scale construction work, such as new home construction, roofing, drywall renovations, business demolition, etc. Although these services range from light cleaning to full cleaning, they all involve three specific cleaning steps.

Although construction cleaning services claim to specialize in the cleaning of new construction, it is generally a complementary service that is performed only when needed, for most of them. Since the construction sector has increased in activity, this makes it easier for these cleaning services. It is essential to know the details of new construction cleaning in order to know what type of cleaning is needed in your building.

New construction cleaning is primarily the cleaning of a newly constructed house or building. However, it does not always have to be a new construction project. For example, an abandoned warehouse may be reconfigured into a series of commercial offices. And of course, if the building is old, a major construction cleanup is required before it can be marketed.

The three phases of construction cleaning

There are three general stages, or phases, in the provision of site cleaning services. There is an initial cleaning plan, regular site cleaning, and post-construction cleaning. At each stage, a particular degree of cleaning is facilitated by specific tasks and routines. These routines increase the level of safety on the job site and allow better functionality and access for the rest of the construction schedule.

Initial phase of construction site cleaning

Initial site cleaning services are required once the framing of a property is completed. Once plumbers and electricians have completed their part of the new construction, initial site cleaning can begin. During this stage, stickers are peeled off windows and removed from all major appliances. Excess garbage and debris is swept and removed, a thorough sweeping and dusting is done, and any unnecessary or remaining waste is discarded. Once all of these tasks are completed, the site is ready for further preparation and construction work, such as installation of flooring, painting, fixtures and cabinets.

Phase Two of Construction Cleaning

At this stage, the cleaning staff will facilitate a more detailed and targeted cleaning. This includes careful and meticulous cleaning of washrooms, bathrooms, sinks, showers, toilets, cabinets, shelves, counters, etc. Every square inch is covered, from door frames to window sills. Dust, debris and dirt are wiped away and all areas are carefully sanitized. This step is almost always intended to be completed prior to the final inspection of the property by the general contractor.

Final stage of post-construction cleaning

In the final stage of site clean-up, staff review a “checklist” once all work is completed. This list includes all cleaning details to make the property perfect for visits or large openings. This list includes polishing, caulking, sealing, machine washing and “white glove” inspections. This is the last and final step before the property is completed.

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