Unless you’re blessed with removable wallpaper, you will find yourself up against a tough opponent when trying to get rid of your old wallpaper. Luckily, some wallpaper tools and techniques that you can use are:


Solvents are beneficial as they can be used sparingly than water. Some solvents you can use are Zinsser DIF Ultra and WP Chomp as they are non-toxic and odour-free. However, make sure to perforate the wallpaper before adding the solvent.


Another solution is applying warm water to perforated wallpaper. As the cheapest method, this can be highly effective at most times. However, make sure that you don’t damage the wall during this process.

Wallpaper Scorer

A wallpaper scorer is much more effective than a knife or razor blade. Designed specifically to remove wallpapers, this tool is highly effective to remove even the most sticky wallpaper.


A wallpaper stripper has removable razor-blade heads and is easy to grip rubber handles. It is more effective than a putty knife or drywall knife.


Electrically powered, this small device is first filled with water and allowed to heat. You’ll then be able to force the steam against large portions of the wall for effective removal of the wallpaper.