A treehouse can be a magical hideaway, fort, play destination or a fun project for an adult. Building a treehouse takes proper planning and construction as well as attention to details. Follows are the steps in building your dream treehouse.

Choosing the Tree

Choosing a tree that is too old or too young does not ensure stability and strong support for the treehouse and could lead to potential danger. The tree should be sturdy, healthy, and mature. Ideal trees are oak, maple, fir, and apple.

Make a Plan

For a standard 8×8 treehouse, choose a tree with a trunk of at least 12 in diameter. Making a plan of how you want the treehouse to look is crucial. You can plan where you’ll put different objects and what to include inside the treehouse and on its decks.

Choose the Support

There are various supports that you can choose to stabilize your treehouse. The three main support methods are post method, the bolt method, and suspension method.

The Access

Are you going to access the treehouse with the help of a ladder? Make sure to choose a safe and efficient access tool. Ropes and staircase are other options to consider.

The Construction

Once all of that is ready, you can start constructing the treehouse. You may ask a friend or a professional to help out. Once the treehouse is done, you may paint it or leave it as it is.