Your roof can be a place to relax, host a party or do some activity like gardening. Many lucky city dwellers have access to a big roof space which they can use to design an outdoor getaway. Follows are some tips to embellish your roof.


If you want to enjoy the beautiful view from your roof during the day but can’t due to the scorching sun, install some shades. An awning or large umbrella should do the trick. You may build a complete outdoor room as well where you’ll be covered 24/7.

Get Cozy

You can turn your roof into a relaxation escapade by adding some mattresses, cushions, and lanterns. This way, you can enjoy the space at night and relax all the time.

Go Green

If you’re into gardening, then your roof can be an ideal place for planting. Small shrubs and plants are great additions to the rooftop or you can even grow vegetables and fruits.

Party High

Besides having a great view from your roof, the latter can be used to host parties. Your rooftop can b a sanctuary where you invite friends and families to have a good time. From dinners to dancing, your roof can become the newest “it place” in town.