As one of the best construction materials, wood has several properties that are highly beneficial for humans. Some facts you need to take into consideration before building your dream wooden house are:


Wood is a natural insulator. The material is known to control internal temperature, thus you’ve got nothing to worry if it’s freezing cold outside as you’ll be warm inside your cozy wooden home.

Quicker to Build

Wooden houses are quicker to build compared to concrete houses. Wood is easier to manage, shape, cut, and erect. Wood is also easier to replace in case there’s any damage.


Many people are amazed by the silence inside a wooden house. This is also the case during the construction process. While building a concrete house can be noisy, building a wooden one makes merely any sound.

Resistant to Electricity

Wood is not a conductor of electricity and thus, is a safe option to live in compared to other materials. There’s little chance of a fire starting due to short circuit or your house being a target of lightning.


Simply put, a wooden house is aesthetically more pleasing. As a natural and environmentally-friendly material, wood is attractive and beautiful.

Light to Transport

Wood is much lighter to transport than any other material. This is an important element to take into consideration, especially during the construction process. This makes wood cost-effective as well.


Oxidation is the reason for rust and consequent damages in metals. Wood, being a natural material, is protected from such chemical reactions and will not wear or tear in the long-term. This further decreases the requirements for maintenance or repair.

Safe Haven

Scientists in Japan tested wooden houses’ strength in extreme natural calamities. Houses made of wood showed the greatest resistance to earthquakes compared to houses made of concrete or brick. This is due to wood’s natural elasticity which renders it quite strong during extreme conditions.

Wide Variety

With over 5,000 different woods to choose from, there is absolutely going to be something that’ll suit your construction or design. Some woods are better for insulation while others are used for structural frames, walls, floors, and more.


Going green is the new trend these days and what better initiative than building a wooden house! Wooden house absorbs carbon dioxide and thus helps in reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

A wooden house offers many benefits to people looking for something long-lasting, efficient, environmentally-friendly, and aesthetically beautiful.