Landscape masonry is a widespread practice in the Seine-et-Marne department to give more life to the garden. It is one of the main activities in the region. But before embarking on this type of construction, you need to know what budget to plan. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn all the information about the installation and budget of a landscape masonry in this region.

Installation of landscape masonry

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This is a device made of stone or rock mixed with solid minerals that are installed in the heart of a natural landscape such as a garden. It can be a stone terrace or a staircase, or many other different types of architecture.

Landscape masonry is used to increase the surface of a garden. It forms a peaceful and wellness-friendly natural whole. It is also an ornamental structure that suggests the beautification of any outdoor space. It is necessary to call upon a company specialized in landscape masonry. This company has experienced professionals in various fields (plumbing, chimney sweeping, renovation work, etc.).

The usefulness of landscape masonry in a garden

A garden may seem like a simple expanse of vegetation composed of plants, flowers, and especially lawns. Although natural and totally enjoyable to practice, this type of natural structure may seem incomplete. It needs a space to sit or rest that can accommodate garden furniture. It is also indecent to walk directly on the lawns or plants.

The installation of a stone path can be very useful. Landscape masonry fits perfectly into the decorative style of a garden with its imperfect appearance. It can also be a decorative architecture with a system of water jets through the stone structure. One of the advantages of the installation of landscape masonry is the compatibility with other modern or archaic accessories connecting the house and garden.

It is then a magnificent offshoot of a veranda or a pergola, for example. It reinforces the garden as a haven of peace, a place for reflection or meditation. Some models of landscape masonry offer shade against the blazing sun. This allows you to enjoy your garden at any time of the day. It is, therefore, a construction of great utility and multiple functions.

Common types of landscape masonry

The landscape mason intervenes to highlight his expertise in several ways. He is, above all an artist who must incorporate his creation in symbiosis with that of the gardener. The choice of materials and the planning of the construction must not only meet the client’s requirements but also the overall conformity. There are simple landscape designs and more complicated ones. Generally, the demands are:

    • A paved path 
    • A staircase 
    • A paving stone 
    • A terrace or a veranda 
    • The construction of low walls 
    • A fountain or decorative work.

Budget for the installation of landscape masonry in Seine-et-Marne

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There are several types of landscape masonry with different uses and characteristics. Their price is determined by the complexity of the structure and the different components involved in their construction.

There is something for every budget, depending on the capacity of each client. Generally, it is necessary to count between 150 euros and 1000 euros or more for the installation of a landscape masonry.

In conclusion, a landscape masonry is an artistic work whose realization can be simple or complex depending on the model. This operation is available at low, medium, or high prices depending on the architectural nature of the construction. It must be operated by specialized structures having a recognized experience in the field.

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