When renovating or building your septic tank, you may be able to obtain financial aid. But what financial aid is available for septic tank construction? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about the construction of septic tankss in France.

Aid from the ANAH


The Agence Nationale pour l’Amélioration de l’Habitat, better known as ANAH, provides the necessary aid for the construction or rehabilitation of a house. This aid is mostly for people who own main residences that are more than 15 years old. The amount of the work must be at least 1500 euros before you can obtain aid. The granting of financial aid is done taking into account the budget available to each agency. Also, the decision is made by the local authorities.

Assistance from the CAF

The Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF) is used to grant a loan for home improvement. These loans have an interest rate of 1% and are repayable over a period of 3 years. But you must already be a CAF beneficiary. That is, you must have an allowance for disabled adults or an allowance for people without children. Note that this loan has an interest rate of 1%.

The reduction in the VAT rate

The VAT rate, which is generally 20%, is reduced to 10% to allow for the rehabilitation of sanitation systems. The rehabilitation work generally concerns maintenance work, installation and upgrading. This reduced rate is granted according to specific criteria. For example, it must be a public works company that carries out all the work. The dwelling concerned must also be at least two years old after its construction. Similarly, this reduced rate is only applicable to existing work. Note that if you decide to do the renovation yourself, the normal rate will apply.

The zero rate eco-loan

The Eco-prêt à taux zéro or Eco-PTZ is applied to septic tanks that do not use energy. This type of loan is only intended for housing that was built before January 1990. These dwellings must also be inhabited or will be inhabited within 6 months of the rehabilitation. You will therefore have noticed that the Eco-PTZ loan is suitable for non-electric micro plants as well as phyto purification systems. Two major conditions must be met before the loan can be granted.

Firstly, the septic tank must not consume any energy. However, the presence of a lifting pump will not be a problem. Secondly, the septic tank must comply with the requirements of the laws in force. Thus, a loan of 10,000 euros can be obtained without interest and will be payable over 15 years.

Financial assistance from the Water Agency and local authorities

The Water Agency will offer you financial aid, but in compliance with certain conditions that are specific to it. Here, it is possible to obtain financial aid for the construction or renovation of a septic tank for each dwelling. But the granting will depend on each agency and the budget allocated to the work. The local authorities also offer their aid according to each case. Thus, one case may be different from another and may require more financial support than others.

The pension fund

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The pension funds adapt to the main dwellings and offer their support. These usually concern renovation or adaptation work or work related to equipment. Each pension fund has its own margin of assistance. You can contact your pension fund for more information on the support it provides.

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