Both fun and emotional, 3D has taken the movie world by storm. It is also being adopted in industrial design for innovative products and precision quality. This presentation offers many interests. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about 3D modeling.

A precision


Developed in the axis of three dimensions, the error rate is reduced. Indeed, although it is a design, the 3D modeling software provides a real approach of the objects. Similarly, with 3D animation, the designer can also anticipate technical problems and other failures that may occur during the operation of the device. Thus, he can automatically correct the overruns of the equipment and materials that make up the device.


With automatic design, it will be easier for experienced engineers to build an electrical substation, for example. In 2D modeling, designing more complex objects requires the ingenuity of several engineers and takes a long time to build. With the highly detailed 3D plan, the design can be done by a single engineer in record time. Indeed, the operation of a sophisticated machine and its components can be detailed and simulated at the same time.

Reference models

Modeling is known for its infinite design styles. When developing new products, the software offers various precision tools that will spark your creativity. Moreover, you can present them to your client in all their shapes and colors. Also, during the design phase, the customer can interact with the object as if it were already in his hands. Thus, you can make a reference model close to reality to meet all his requirements. Moreover, you can also make several types of presentations and virtual shows to attract the attention of your customers. This method is applied in several areas, including the launch of architectural project, furniture, and design products.

An asset in product promotion

By showing the reference models during the design process, the client will be reassured of what he will get. In this way, he can invest with peace of mind to procure the good. Moreover, to realize an advertising campaign, the 3D video is in the spotlight. Animation and various effects will be integrated in the video in order to explain with more emotions the use of the products and their interests to the customer. For example, to advertise an office chair, the operating mechanism of this chair, including its flexibility and the angles of adjustment are demonstrated in detail through animations. The decorations and components can be deconstructed and put back in their place to prove to customers that these are high-performance objects. Added to this, the very attractive design of the product will surely promote the sale. Besides, sales are a major asset in the development of a business. To take advantage of this, you can call upon a photography company.

A saving

Before making the to urnage, you had to prepare and decorate the room, hire a professional photographer, etc. Now, you can use simple tools and add imaginary sets, close-to-reality images, and 3D animations to produce a quality video. Also, you can make it without a presenter because the 3D animations are already self-explanatory, and you can insert small texts for more visibility. Moreover, 3D realization software such as Blender is accessible to all.

A new project


3D modeling sparks the creativity of designers. Indeed, to design a project, you can visualize an overview and precise details. Several measurable data are available and exploitable in order to lead to or eliminate useless assumptions. This allows you to expand your imagination to realize a new innovative project.

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