– Focus on the different types of decking

    – Option 1: Create a wood deck

    – Option 2: Create a concrete deck

    – Option 3: Tile your deck

    – Option 4: Make a stone deck

As a link between the garden and the house, the deck becomes a living space in its own right when the weather is fine. It is well-designed and fitted out and becomes a much-appreciated space for relaxation during the day and in the evening.

There are many ways to create a terrace at home. This post explores the many possibilities available to you to build a deck that is pleasant to live on and that suits you.

Focus on the different types of decking

You can choose from a variety of decking materials: wood, concrete, tile, or stone.  Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Wooden decking

    – Certainly the most popular, it is very aesthetic, modern and warm.

    – However, it requires regular maintenance to keep its shine and not deteriorate over time.

    – You can install it on joists, on adjustable posts, or stilts.

The concrete terrace

    – Resistant over time, concrete may seem less warm than wood. However, there are a large number of finishes that allow you to play with the aesthetics.

    – Concrete is easy to maintain. A simple cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is enough to give it a nice look.

    – The installation, done with care and method, is a guarantee of durability over time.

The tiled terrace

    – The multitude of colors and finishes available make it a beautiful material.

    – The ease of maintenance is an additional argument.

    – On the other hand, a tiled terrace can be slippery and not very resistant to shocks.

The stone terrace

    – A natural material, stone gives a very authentic look to a terrace.

    – It is very durable over time but still requires annual cleaning.

Solution 1: Create a wood deck

How to Build a Deck

Wood is the material that offers the most possibilities in terms of installation. The choice depends on the nature of the floor, your skills, and the desired look.

Option 1: the deck on stilts

Warning: this type of installation is not for everyone. If you want to build a deck on stilts, wood is the ideal material.

Here are the main steps to build a deck on stilts.

    Make an accurate deck plan by noting the deck’s dimensions and calculating the number of support posts and the number of wood boards.

    – Dig and build the deck’s foundation.

    – Prepare the support posts.

    – Attach the deck support structure.

    – Install the wood boards.

Option 2: decking on joists

This option is ideal if you have a concrete deck that you want to cover with wood for a warmer look.

Good to know: you can also pour a concrete slab if it does not exist.

Here are the guidelines for installing a deck on joists.

    – Determine the dimensions of the joists according to the surface to be covered, then cut them.

    – Drill and fasten the joists into the concrete.

    – Lay the rows of deck boards on the joists.

    – Finish the deck.

Option 3: decking on blocks

The decking on blocks is also installed on a concrete slab. The use of blocks avoids having to fix the wooden joists directly into the slab.

You can install a deck made of wood strips or slabs on blocks.

    – Laying a deck made of wood strips on studs:

        ◦ Determine the deck’s dimensions and calculate the quantities of materials needed: joists, deck boards, studs.

        ◦ Lay out the plots on the ground.

        ◦ Cut the joists and lay them on the studs.

        ◦ Lay the deck boards and make the finishing touches.

    – Laying a deck of wood slabs on studs:

        ◦ Calculate the materials needed.

        ◦ Lay the slabs and the studs as they overlap.

        ◦ Do the finishing touches.

Good to know: accessible to beginners, installing wood slabs on studs is a quick and easy solution.

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