Are you planning to have your driveway paved? Well, paving is one of the most sought-after options that you can choose for your driveway. Paving is an essential factor, especially when you are trying to improve your home or commercial area. It can improve how your home looks while making it quite appealing. Paving adds more value to your property as it enhances those areas where the vehicles pass all the time. There are many paving contractors who provide such services, but you have to be smart in selecting one that you will deal. Choosing a paving contractor may not seem like that it should take time and effort. So to help you out, here are some steps you can take to ensure that you choose the right paving company to meet your needs.

  • Do your research – One of the most important things that you need to do is research about the asphalt contractor you are hiring is qualified and experienced enough to complete the project. Do a Google search before confirming any contractors. Get to know what kind of relationship they maintain with their old clients, how long they been in business, and the kind of reviews each client has left for them. You can also ask for referrals from friends and neighbors, start with who they worked with and how their experience was like.
  • Years of experience – When it comes to paving, experience do matter! It is important that you check the professional expertise of each contractor before you hire them for any future project. If you prefer, look for companies who deliver great examples of challenging projects. If you are looking asphalting services, then select a company that specializes in laying asphalt, they know the ins and outs of working with asphalt. Be sure to check if the contractor has an attention to detail when showing their work.
  • Material selection – Know that not all asphalt is created equal since most are recycled over and again, the asphalt has different grades. There is a different percentage of recycled material that each contains. The low-quality asphalt can affect the longevity and look of your pavement, so ensure that the contractor you choose will use of high-grade asphalt as it includes less recycled contents. Do request the higher grade asphalt with less recycled material. It is always a wiser choice.
  • Equipment – Check the state of the equipment before hiring the contractor. If their machines break down most of the times, then there can be a delay in the project. So lookout for a company that has high-quality materials and equipment. It is better to avoid contractors who say they will do asphalt paving by hand. If possible, hire companies that have the latest technology and efficiency when it comes to machinery. A reliable paving contractor will use the most advanced machines to ensure a long-lasting and great-looking asphalt.
  • Sufficient crew – Ensure that the contractor has a sizable and reliable team as being understaffed can delay and affect the outcome of the project. Do consider the experience of the crew as they will ensure that the project is completed on time.
  • Insurance coverage and warranty – Beware of contractors who give you low quotes as it usually means that they are not insured. So if they happen to be in an accident, then it is the homeowner who will be paying the charges. Don’t be afraid to ask the contractor if they are insured or any hidden fee is there in the cost. A reputable contractor will stand by their work and ensure that all works are done according to the industry standards. Warranties depend on the project, so make sure to have all information readied in writing before the project starts.
  • Ask for quotes – Don’t be shy to ask the contractor if they offer quotes! Go on different websites and check out the quotes they provide so that you can get a better idea of whom to choose. It allows you to compare the quotes to ensure that your preferred option is taken into consideration. Do keep in mind that the cheapest option does not mean the best one! Expect a quality service at a fair price.
  • Down payment – If your project is over $ 10,000, then you should make a down payment to the contractor so that he can start with the preparations. Don’t forget to ask your contractor if his company has lines of credit with most material suppliers. Be sure you have proof of everything that has been decided between you and the contractor.

These are some few steps that you need to take before deciding on the asphalt contractor. If you are looking for a trustworthy company, then get in touch with Beyond Pavers and Lighting. Based in Saint Augustine, they serve Orange Park, Middleburg, Fernandina Beach, and its surrounding areas. From paving to waterfall and pond feature, they undertake all jobs and complete it on time and within your budget.