Although roofing may not be as fun as other renovating or construction projects, it is just as, if not more, important than other elements of a building. For a dry house with no leakages, you’ll have to get the perfect roofing that is appropriate for the climate you live in. This article will tackle one of the most famous types of roofs: shingles and shakes. Shingles, not to be confused with shakes, are a series of components that are overlapped and laid together in rows to protect your home from water and snow.

Did you know?

Shingles and shakes, although often used interchangeably, are two very distinct types of materials. While to the untrained eye they may look exactly the same, to an expert the differences are very noticeable. Shakes, especially cedar, tend to be more rustic in appearance compared to shingles. They are also thicker and rougher than shingles. This may be because, unlike shingles which are sawn, shakes are split from wood. But both shingles and shakes come in a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, slate, cedar, and asphalt to name a few.

The pros and cons of using shingles or shakes will vary depending on the type of material you are using.

The Pros of Getting Shingles Roofs Installed

  • The color of wooden shingles can greatly enhance a home’s curb appeal. Moreover, this type of roofing looks even better as it ages because the color gradually fades to a classy grey.
  • If maintained properly and consistently, wooden shingles can last for up to half a century.
  • Wooden shingles can influence the temperature in a house and can, thus, improve energy efficiency and reduce your costs.
  • During the manufacturing process, shingles are not totally reliant on machinery, hence making them even more environmentally friendly.
  • Since we are on the topic of protecting the environment, it is also important to note that shingles are easily recyclable.
  • Both metal and wood shingles are known to be storm-resistant. They can weather high winds, falling debris, heavy snow, and even hail.
  • The metal shingles roof is relatively less expensive than other forms of roofing systems.
  • Metal shingles can provide the same level of protection as an architectural standing seam roof.

The Cons of Shingle Roofs

  • Out of all roofing options, wood shingles is most probably the least resistant to fire. It is a rather obvious disadvantage, considering the flammability of wood.
  • Since shade can trap moisture, wooden shingles will not be good for houses that do not get enough exposure to the sun. The life expectancy of the roof will drastically drop due to mildew growth that will accelerate decay and rot.
  • Due to the complexity level of the installation process, this not the kind of project that can be DIY-ed. You will instead have to hire a fully experienced roofer to ensure that everything step is completed to perfection. A simple mistake can let moisture in and ultimately lead to you having to pay even more money to repair that one blip.
  • Although metal shingles are known to be durable, they are considerably more expensive than other roofing options.

The Pros of Shakes Roofs

  • Shakes made from exceptionally beautiful as roofing materials that can make your house look unique and stand out.
  • Cedar shakes provide versatile design options that can work both with traditional or modern architectural designs.
  • Both metal and cedar shakes are wind and weather resistant and offer excellent protection against harsh weathers, including hail.
  • Cedar shakes can also be built to resist fungus, moss, and insects.
  • Just like most wood structures, cedar offers excellent thermal protection and are excellent in areas with high temperature.
  • Just like shingles, shakes can also help you save up on energy usage as it gives off heat during summer and can hold on to some heat during winter.
  • Both metal and wooden shakes can have a relatively long lifespan lasting up to 60 years sometimes.

The Cons of Getting Shakes Roofing

  • Just like shingles, wooden shingles have the same undesirable qualities: they are highly flammable. However, some cedar wood has been treated with fire retardants, if you choose to use those types of cedar, it might decrease its flammability.
  • Unlike other types of roofs, cedar shakes require considerably more work to stay in good condition. From keeping debris off the roof to ensuring airflow around the shakes, the consistent maintenance and upkeep can be very time-consuming.
  • During rain or hail, metal shakes can be noisy. While some people like the sound of rain on their roofs, for others the sound may just be too much.
  • If the roof is damaged, you will need professional help to repair it. The way this type of roofing is installed will make it almost impossible for you to repair it on your own.

But do not let those cons discourage you from getting shingles or shakes roofing. Many homeowners still get this type of roof done because of its durability and beauty. If you are not sure, you can always ask for advice from professionals like Downtown Roofing.