The frame of a house is the most important part of its construction. Therefore, you should not take lightly the decisions of orientation that relate to its realization. You must know how to analyze the choices available to you. These can be oriented on two possibilities: the traditional frame and the industrial frame. You must know what differentiates them, with their respective advantages and the necessary maintenance, to be able to decide. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the differences between industrial and traditional carpentry.

The traditional frame


This is the most commonly used frame by home builders. It is distinguished mainly by its wooden material that constitutes the entire structure. Indeed, everything is made of wood, and it is even made of solid wood for the pieces assembled along the length of the roof to constitute what is called a “truss”. The wood has a non-deformable character; in other words, it is the same guarantee of the safety of its structure. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be a real carpenter to install it in order to avoid the risk of collapse that would lead to catastrophic damage. It should be noted that solid wood weighs a lot and, therefore, must rest on a solid support.

Advantages of traditional framing

The traditional frame is especially appreciated because of its aestheticism. Indeed, the wood that forms the trusses and trusses is not covered for this style of framework. This gives it a very particular charm and complete harmony with the decoration of the house. This type of frame also allows you to have a usable space under the attic. You will then have a great possibility to arrange it as you wish. Whether it is to form an attic to store your belongings or to install a cozy living room, you have a lot of choices. In addition, you can choose the type of wood for the frame. There are several options, such as oak, rubberwood, pine, spruce and many others.

Maintenance of the traditional frame

As for maintenance, the main thing is to remove the residues that accumulate on the wood. To do this, simply use a wire brush to clean and dust every corner of your frame. To protect the wood from parasites, the application of a specific treatment will suffice. A professional carpenter will help you choose the right product to preserve the natural look of the wood.

Industrial carpentry

The industrial frame is in a rather contemporary style. It is characterized by the assembly of its trusses with metal trusses that connect them all. This allows a better distribution of the loads and brings great stability to the whole structure.

Advantages of the industrial frame

This frame is solid, although it is lighter than the traditional frame. Indeed, its trusses are not made of solid wood like those of the latter but of thin wood only. Thanks to this detail, it is much easier to install, and its realization is, therefore, faster. The construction costs can be reduced because it requires less time, less load and fewer materials. The only drawback is that it is not possible to use the attic space because it will be occupied by the trusses.

Maintenance of the industrial frame

As for the maintenance of the traditional frame, the maintenance of the industrial frame is not difficult. All you need is a wire brush and a wood preservative to clean and coat it, and it’s done. It’s up to you to decide which type of frame is best for you.

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