5 Steps for Installing a Deck With Wood Slabs on Blocks



    – Step 1: Determine the number of slabs and blocks needed

    – Step 2: Lay the first slab

    – Step 3: Lay the subsequent slabs

    – Step 4: Cut the tiles if necessary

    – Step 5: Install the finishing border


It is alluring to turn a plain concrete area into a lovely hardwood deck since it transforms your landscape. Give in to the temptation! The installation of wooden slabs on blocks does not present any particular difficulty, just a little attention to leveling.

We advise you to choose height-adjustable blocks to facilitate the leveling of your deck.

A terrace on blocks is installed on a concrete slab flat, with a slight slope for rainwater drainage.

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing a wood slab deck.

1. Determine the number of slabs and blocks needed

Here are the materials you need to build your deck:

    – screw-in height-adjustable posts with 4 compartments at the top, separated by fins, to support the slabs at their corners;

    – wooden slabs of 50 × 50 cm.

Start by taking measurements:

    – Determine the area of your deck.

    – Using a tape measure, measure the width and length (and other dimensions in the case of a more complex geometry).

    – If possible, try to avoid cutting the tiles.

    – Estimate the number of tiles needed, and deduct the number of studs from this.

    – If necessary, use a plan to help you.

2. Lay the first slab

Deck With Wood Slabs on Blocks

    – Start laying the tiles at the outermost corner of the terrace (i.e., the corner that does not lean against a wall).

    – Place the 4 blocks on the ground to receive the corner tile.

    – Remove with pliers the 4 wings of the corner block and the 2 wings opposite the edge blocks.

    – Place the first tile on the studs.

    – Check that it is flush with the edge of the terrace with a square.

    – Tuck the edge blocks inward, so they do not extend beyond the deck.

    – Check the level of the slab with a spirit level.

    – Adjust the height by screwing or unscrewing the studs.

3. Lay the following tiles

    – Continue the installation of the row at the edge of the terrace.

    – Place the next 2 studs on the ground to receive the second tile.

    – Remove 2 fins from the one at the edge of the terrace.

    – Lay the second slab, reversing the direction of the boards to the first for a final aesthetic result.

    – Continue until you finish the row.

    – As you go along, check that the tiles are horizontal.

    – Then cover the entire surface, row by row.

4. Cut the tiles if necessary

Deck With Wood Slabs on Blocks

To go along a wall

    – Take the dimensions of the slab to be cut.

    – Draw the cut line on the slab with a pencil.

    – Block the slab on the workbench with the clamp.

    – Put on protective glasses and gloves.

    – Cut with the circular saw and a suitable wood blade.

Caution: a circular saw is dangerous; it runs at very high speeds, so be careful.

To bypass an obstacle (e.g., downspout)

    – Mark the dimensions on the slab.

    – Block the slab on the workbench with a clamp.

    – Cut the slab with a jigsaw equipped with a wooden blade.

    – To increase the stability of the cut tile, consider using an additional block with its wings removed.

5. Install the finishing border

    – Measure the length of the sides that do not rest against a wall.

    – Plan a wooden border to be planted on this perimeter.

    – Hammer it in so that the top of the edging is flush with the deck’s surface.

    – Your deck is finished. Now, all you have to do is install your deck chair!

Equipment for installing a wood deck

Spirit level

2 m aluminum ruler

Mason’s pencil

Circular saw






Tape measure

Protective gloves

Protective goggles