A house contains many memories that are dear to your heart. It is sometimes better to renovate your house instead of moving. This way, you will have a new home without having to move. But how do you make your renovation a success?

Preparing the renovation

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Before starting any work, you need to establish a plan of what you want to do. You have to imagine how the house will look like after the renovation. It is even advisable to produce a model with your architect to better plan the renovation. What you have to do is to define the places where you want to make changes.

Estimation of a renovation

The budget for a renovation depends on how the renovation will be carried out: refurbishing the house or renovating the elements that are worn out. A renovation is estimated to be between 5000 and 150 000 Euros.


This is the first step that must be taken when doing a renovation. Demolition is done to remove walls, change the architecture of a house or enlarge a room.

The demolition must be done generally starting from the first floor and ending with the first floor. To do this, it is necessary to call on a construction professional like Ideal Project Construction to avoid any accidents. All the waste from the operation must be removed before proceeding to the next step.

The major works

This is the installation of the plumbing and electricity of the house. It is likely that the routes of the wires and piping will change with the construction. A lot of attention should be paid to electricity. It is certain that there will be new installations. The intervention of an electrician is then required at this time.

On the other hand, it is possible that you just put the plumbing back in place. However, you can install new equipment for a new room. Take advantage of the renovation to check the condition of your electrical and plumbing installations.

Finishing work

After the priority works, it’s time to start the finishing works: making the house a livable home. The works are those that will make the house more comfortable: insulation, different coatings, woodwork… You should also think about painting the house.

Plastering the walls and ceilings


This is done with cement or plaster. The coatings are done before the paintings, whether it is for the walls or the ceilings.

Interior painting

After all the work, it is time to give charm to your interior. The choice of color is up to you. Choose a paint that is washable because it is possible that after painting, there is still work to be done, such as the installation of furniture that can dirty the wall.

Exterior paint

This is the one that will beautify your house. The painting will only be done when all the renovation is done.

Floor covering

To cover your floor, choose a material that will be of good quality and will ensure at least good insulation. You can choose between tiles or parquet.

The facade of the house

For a renovation, it is important to work on your facade. It can be simplified by just a good paint. You also have the choice to decorate it according to your desires: installation of a veranda, two different paint colors.

Legal duties

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When it comes to new construction to your property or an extension, it is necessary that you make a declaration. In addition, you will call on an architect to plan all the work.

It should be noted that when you are carrying out work on your house that will result in a lot of changes and modifications, it is necessary to have a building permit. This must be done before the work begins.

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