The simple fact of imagining the house of our dreams is an unequaled satisfaction and a beautiful adventure that is coming. Indeed, everyone would like to have their own house, especially to be sure to have a good home when we are old. Having our own home is both a project that comes true and a privilege.

The ultimate goal of building a house is to no longer depend on renting a house. However, building a house is not easy, because the first parameter to consider is the budget. The entire structure and appearance of the house will depend entirely on the money available before the plan is even drawn up.

The construction of a house takes a minimum of nine months, but this varies depending on the work to be done and the financial availability of each person. There are many construction companies, and they already have a complete team of experts, workers, and experienced and competent masons. Therefore, there are several steps to follow to build a house.

First step: Definition of the budget

Things Not to Forget When Building a New Home

As we have stated previously, the house we will build will depend on our budget. It will then be necessary to establish and analyze what we have. If you do not have the budget in your hands, you can resort to a bank loan. Note that a professional construction company can do all the administrative steps.

Second step: Choice of the construction site

The place of construction will be chosen according to our expectations. Thus, it will be necessary to study all the parameters related to the place compared to the various constraints (proximity to the various services, accessibility, surface, environment, quality of the places, etc…

Third step: Establishing the house plan

The plan of the house to be built will also depend on your choice, your needs, and your particular expectations. This includes the architecture, the design, the layout, the devices to be put in place for each room, the plumbing work, the electrical work, the materials to be used for the heating, etc… Of course; this step will be done under the advice and recommendations of the builder while respecting your expectations.

Fourth step: Use of construction companies and site visit

The use of construction companies is strongly recommended because they will know exactly the good techniques to apply from your place of construction, your budget, and the plan that you foresee. The study of the house will be done through a visit to the building site.

Fifth step: Obtaining the building permit

This step is very important because building a house is a delicate action, so to avoid any danger, you must always have a building permit.

Sixth step: Beginning of the work


The work will be done and taken care of by the construction company. These works are broken down into the following works.

1. Structural work

These works include staking, earthwork, foundations, sanitation, foundation, paving, raising the walls, setting up the framework and roofing, and exterior carpentry work, such as the choice of roof windows to be installed according to your expectations.

2. Second work

This work includes insulation and partitioning, plumbing and electrical, heating and air conditioning, and ventilation.

3. Finishes

This includes all the internal work of the house related to the coating of floors and walls, interior woodwork, lighting, and facades. This step requires good quality industrial materials to avoid any accidents.

4. Exterior fittings

This stage consists of the works related to the cleaning of the land and all the external devices, such as the gate, the garage, the earthworks, the lighting, and the garden.

Seventh step: Reception of the house


This is the culmination of the project. This stage involves checking the functionality of all the devices put in place. And the acceptance of the house varies depending on the findings you settle with the builder.

To have the certainty of a house that lives up to our expectations and especially to have the security of a well-built house without the risk of slipping or collapsing, it is always preferable to call upon the professionals of house construction, because they already have the experience and especially the skills required to provide you with complete and impeccable services.

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