The construction of a wooden cottage is not rocket science. You need to know the necessary steps and have a detailed plan. Indeed, building a wooden cottage is not complicated, especially if you follow certain instructions and practical advice. Before starting the construction of a wooden cottage, it is necessary to have a complete and detailed plan.

Moreover, getting a plan on the net or from professionals is very easy. Prepare your equipment and then follow the instructions to get the cottage of your dreams! We propose ours below if you are looking for a good plan for a wooden cottage. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn how to build a wooden cottage yourself.

1. Level the ground and set up the pillars


Before building anything, you need to level the ground where the cabin will be built. Once this is done, you can proceed with the installation of the pillars. The pillars are very important because they support the support beams that will receive the floor of the cabin. As for the grid, their dimensions vary depending on the size of the cabin itself.

2. deal with the building permit issue

The construction of a wooden cottage sometimes requires a building permit. This depends mainly on the legislation of each region and country. To avoid the need for a building permit, it is better to build the cottage directly on the ground.

In this case, you should use wooden boards and beams. It is also necessary to make some changes when installing the support beams: they should be laid lengthwise.

3. Tackle the floor of the wooden cottage

For the installation of the floor, you need to use plywood boards. These should be attached to the joists with nails. Make sure to fasten them well so that the assembly is strong. If not, use H-staples to reinforce the joint, but more importantly, to hold the boards together.

4. Make some adjustments


If the beams, pillars, and all other joists are well-installed, then you don’t have to make any adjustments. If they are not, use 7.6 cm screws. This will strengthen all the joists and floors.

5. Proceed with the frame of the walls

The construction of the 4 walls of the wooden cottage must meet a particular methodology:

    • The wall at the entrance of the cottage must have a doorframe 
    • The wall at the back must be solid.

Start by building the back wall and finish with the front wall. The top edge of the wall frame must also be sloped. This allows for easier drainage of rainwater.

6. Secure the rafters

After building the 4 walls of your wooden cottage, you still have some work to do. This step consists in fixing the rafters through the roof. But you must make sure to separate them with wedges. This usually provides the cottage with optimal protection. However, their installation must be done in compliance with the standards:

    • The rafters must imperatively exceed the walls 
    • Take into account the space between the joists and the rafters. If there is not enough space 
    • Place spacers between the rafters to ensure the solidity of the whole structure.

7. make the roof of the cottage


For the roof, simply use rafters and plywood while nailing them together. An adjustment of the size of the plywood boards is then essential. If you have no DIY skills, it is wiser to leave the construction of the cottage to a professional. Do not hesitate to contact a professional as they are specialized in building these kind of structures.

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