The construction of a new home requires the use of an architect, a craftsman, or a builder. And depending on the professional you call, the contracts may differ. This article presents to you the delay of the work, the contract as well as the guarantees that you will have. Want to know more about new construction?

The time frame of the work

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The duration of the construction work on a house can vary from one house to another. But you can use some points to situate yourself.

The project

The project is the first thing you need to think about. Next are the various expenses that need to be made. You can use a qualified professional who will be able to advise you properly. Often, the process lasts a few weeks or months, depending on your expectations.

The building permit

The building permit is the act that will give you the power to carry out construction work on your land. Only the town hall is accredited to deliver it to you after a study which can take 2 months.

The contract

The builder establishes the contract with you. It is what will define the stages of the building site. It concerns the dates of payment, the starting date of the building site, the delivery date, and the penalties related to the delivery delay.



After the previous steps, the construction can start. The different steps will be respected according to the contract. Note that you will be able to follow the work by using the contract schedule.

The contract for a new construction

The construction contracts will differ depending on the person you are dealing with. For example, if you use a builder, you will have to sign a contract for the construction of a single-family home or CCMI. This contract allows you to ensure your back by offering you the necessary guarantees. You also have the option of entrusting your home project to an architect. He will take care of recruiting the artisans needed for the smooth running of the project. You will have to sign unregulated contracts (governed by the Civil Code) with him or with construction companies. But it is much more advisable for the CCMI because of its many guarantees.

Guarantees for the construction of a new home

During new construction, guarantees are given to the owner of the land. This makes it possible to mitigate the probable defects related to the construction. So when you decide to build your house, you will have guarantees before and after delivery.

Before delivery

There are many guarantees before delivery.

  • There is a guarantee of reimbursement of the deposit, allowing the owner to retract after 10 days. This guarantee is also effective in the event of suspensions. 
  • A financial institution will have to guarantee the construction within the agreed time frame. This must be mentioned in the contract that you will have signed. 
  • Then, you will have to subscribe to insurance for damages to the work. This is what will allow you to carry out certain repair work. 
  • There will also be penalties for delay when the work is not delivered within the time frame agreed upon at the outset.

After delivery

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After delivery, there are also guarantees:

  • The guarantee concerning apparent defects: it allows you to note all the small imperfections that the builder will repair. This guarantee gives you 1 month to make your claims. 
  • The guarantee of completion: it allows you to ask, even after 1 year the repair of hidden defects or other major defects
  • The biennial guarantee. It has been active for 2 years and allows the repair of equipment outside the building.
  • The decennial guarantee and civil liability: Here, the builder must be covered by specific and civil liability insurance.

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