Embarking on a new home construction project is a decision that requires time to think about. Do you want to own your own home? But you don’t know if you’d rather build it or buy a house that’s already built? Both options are defensible. However, we will give you 5 reasons to build your own home today. Becoming the owner of your own home is a real-life project. Do you hesitate between the old and the new for your future cocoon? Zoom in on the advantages of having your house built!

1. A new house ready to live in


New homes offer the comfortable advantage of being able to move into a house that is ready to live in. This is often the number 1 criterion that pushes buyers to build! If you are not a handyman and have a limited budget, building a new home allows you to avoid renovating an old house. Even better, building a new home will enable you to personalize your future home.

Designing your house in the smallest details is the key to offering yourself the desired comfort of life! This is advantageous when you are demanding about your future home. Building your own home offers the luxury of being able to imagine a home that resembles you and that meets your desires and your needs.

But how does it work? When you want to build your own house, you can quickly find yourself lost between all the possibilities offered by the new construction, the technical terms, and the numerous steps. Most builders offer a range of house models to be customized according to your desires. You will be able to design the house of your dreams: single-story or multi-story, modern or traditional, number of bedrooms, interior layout, etc.

2. A modern house with the latest standards

The construction of a new house guarantees you a home that meets the latest standards. Both on thermal and acoustic standards, you are assured of a modern and efficient house. The construction of individual houses is indeed subject to standards set by the State, particularly in the context of measures to preserve the environment.

New buildings offer the advantage of particularly efficient insulation, thanks to the choice of materials and modern construction techniques. Other parameters also come into play, such as the orientation of your house and the windows, to limit energy consumption as much as possible, both in winter and summer. So, in addition to living comfortably, a new house also allows you to reduce your energy bills!

3. New home guarantees and insurance

Granted, building a new house can be scary. Launching into the unknown for such a life project can raise fears for some. Rest assured, the construction of a single-family home is governed by numerous guarantees and insurance policies. As soon as your project is launched, you sign a contract with your builder, which protects you during and after the construction. As a buyer, this contract offers you various guarantees:

  • Guarantee of delivery
  • Guarantee of perfect completion
  • Biennial guarantee
  • Ten-year guarantee
  • Insurance against damage to the building
  • Do not hesitate to contact the builders of individual houses to find out more.

4. The financial advantages of new homes

The budget is a determining element in any real estate purchase project. Before deciding whether to buy an old or a new home, it is important to find out about the various financial incentives and advantages. The financing of a new house is a step to be carried out with your builder and your bank, which will be able to bring a personalized council to you and will be able to inform you at the time of the assistance in progress.

In fact, the grants for building a new house are advantageous, especially for first-time buyers. Buying a new home entitles you to government subsidies. This aid allows young buyers to finance a new home project more easily, thanks to an interest-free loan. Another advantage of the new house is that the notary fees are reduced.

These are limited to 2 or 3% in new homes, as opposed to 7 to 8% in old homes. Once your house is built, you benefit, as the owner of a new house, from a temporary exemption of the property tax, which allows you to make great savings!

5. An investment for the future


Finally, buying new is a long-term investment. By building a new home, you benefit from a home that will last much longer. Even if you don’t plan to spend your whole life in this house, you will be able to easily resell your home in the future at an attractive price or turn it into a rental investment to generate income. New homes offer the comfortable advantage of requiring little or no maintenance or renovation for many years.

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