Industrial paint is used in many industries for various purposes. What is industrial paint? What is it used for, and what are the different types of industrial paint? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things everyone ought to know about industrial paints.

What is industrial paint?


Industrial paint is a product in liquid, powder, or paste form that is used to decorate and protect various surfaces. It is applied according to a well-defined process on a specific surface and, after hardening, is transformed into a solid, plastic, and adhesive film.

It is used in the industrial environment to protect and decorate machines and others from the mechanical and chemical attacks they face on a daily basis. Industrial paint is used in many sectors such as the maritime sector, aeronautics, automotive, and construction (buildings and public works or civil engineering).

Generally, industrial paint is composed of chemical elements that give it its chemical and mechanical properties. These different products are :

    • Pigments: These are chemical substances that give color and opacity to the paint. There are several types of pigments;
    • Binders: they allow the industrial paint to harden quickly and turn into a solid film once dried. There are several types of binders: alkyd polymer binders, epoxy, acrylic, vinyl, and urethane.
    • Solvents: they give consistency to the paint and make it easy to apply. Solvents are very important components in the manufacturing process of an industrial paint;
    • Adjuvants or additives: these are components that give quality to the paint. Additives not only help the paint to dry quickly but also allow special effects to be achieved. They are added in portions to the other components.

The different types of industrial paints

There are several types of industrial paints on the market. These paints have specific characteristics chosen according to the surface to be painted. We distinguish the following industrial paints:

Coatings or first-layer paints

The first coat of paint contains a high dose of pigment and a small amount of binder. It is suitable for all industrial surfaces, especially metal surfaces (steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or cast iron). It is used to prevent oxidation and to protect against corrosion. It is a very fast-drying paint. It can be used to paint a car provided that the previous paint is decontaminated.

The intermediate layer


This industrial paint is applied on top of the coating or the first layer. It is used to increase the opacity of the paint. Unlike the primary coat, it does not contain a high dose of pigment and binders.

The finishing coat

It is applied as the last coat on either the coating or the intermediate coat. It allows for having a glossy, matt, or satin finish.

The Varnish

It is an industrial paint composed of binders and thinners. It is used to embellish the painted object. It is ideal for wood, plastic, and for the surface treatment of metals. There are several types of varnish: synthetic varnish, acrylic varnish, polyurethane varnish, gloss effect, matte effect, etc.

What is the purpose of industrial paint?


In general, industrial paint is used not only to beautify and protect the painted object but also to protect it against rust, moisture, and other alkaline substances. In the industrial environment corrosion is a real headache and industrial paint is one of the best solutions to deal with it. To fight against corrosion, it is necessary to choose the right paint, but also to choose the right sandblasting machine and any other equipment in a professional way.

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