Whether you are planning to sell your home or are going on an architectural journey, hiring a building surveyor would be of great advantage. These experts are involved in different aspects of a property construction and can assist in various tasks in building your home. From assessing health and safety risks to the planning of a home addition, like an extra room, a garage or an attic renovation, building surveyors can help you.

They are also crucial when building a contemporary property as well as conserving the original appeal of historic homes. Since building surveyors can be an asset in such a vast number of sectors, that the reasons why we need them become unclear. But not to worry; we’re here to clarify any doubts!

In today’s article, let’s look at how the advice and help of an experienced professional will make things easier for you! Enjoy the reading!

First, let’s learn more about a building survey report.

This document generally includes:

  • The results of the moisture tests in the walls.
  • Any modifications that have taken place throughout the house.
  • Renovations that have taken place without a building permit.
  • Any damage to the timbers.
  • Large trees too close to the property.
  • Existence of dry decay or woodworms.
  • If there is insulation and moisture protection in the property, and also if these are in proper condition.
  • Details on the materials used to construct the property.
  • Suggestions for additional surveys and repairs.
  • Evidence of dangerous materials such as asbestos.
  • Evidence of land settlement.
  • Masonry and roof damages.

Perks of Hiring a Building Surveyor

Perks of Hiring a Building Surveyor

Simplify the Building Permit Process

A building permit is the official permission given by a local authority to do the work you want to do. Many construction projects require a building permit because they may encroach on someone else’s land, cause a lot of disturbance and be an eyesore. Building permits are mandatory if you live in a local conservation area or if you live on a classified property.

If you are a property owner with a large lot and want to create additions such as barns or extra storage space, or if you want to extend your home with a balcony, it is likely that you will need a building permit. Building permits can be a long and frustrating process, and it can be just as stressful if your plans are denied.

And if you go ahead with the work without a building permit, it could lead to future problems if the land or property is listed for sale. In addition, it is a criminal violation to go against the council’s decision, for example, if you proceed with the construction and it is not permitted. This can result in a number of fines and penalties.

Having a reputable building expert can make the building permit process easier and more successful. He or she can assess your property to determine if the work can be done safely and give you unbiased advice, as the work you want to do may not require a building permit if it is done within certain guidelines. The building surveyor’s report will also be a valuable document to provide, as it will show that you are taking the necessary steps to make sure your plan is safe.

Preserving the Original Charm

Registered surveyors are a valuable asset when it comes to historic and period homes. No matter if you are considering having renovations done, want to have the property appraised, or simply want to know more about its history and provenance, your initial stop should definitely be a specialist.

Old homes are more complex to repair as the materials used were not as advanced as those used today and they also have been subjected to wear and tear over the years. Building surveyors can provide you with a detailed analysis on the condition of your property, with suggestions on how to restore it to its former glory.

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