A crane is a heavy-duty machinery that lifts heavy objects and moves them horizontally and vertically from one place to another. Usually, some cranes are stationary on construction sites to lift steel, concrete, and more. Another variety is the crane truck – it is a crane mounted on a truck. If you have a construction business, here are a few things to consider before you rent a crane.

Get insurance:

Ensure that the job is carried out under the relevant health and safety standards. Nobody wants to see a detached rope or pulley cans falling on somebody. So, make sure that the crane is in good condition and the safety standards are followed every time. The safety of the workers at the construction site should prevail.

Your insurance will take care of the liabilities. It will cover loss or damage to the plant, equipment, workers and third parties. Your crane hire contract will establish which clause refer to the crane owner responsibility. The clause should define who will be liable for in case of accidents and other problems.

Plan every step cautiously:

Lift operation is not just about driving a crane and lifting the load up. It is primordial to inspect the suitability and stability of the place or ground, and cautiously measure distances and weight loads. Do some research on all the kinds of cranes available in the market and choose the one which best suits your project.

Check if the crane rental company, its operators and equipment are supported by appropriate documents and certifications.

Here is a checklist of important options:

  • Previous tests
  • Operator certifications
  • Maintenance certificates
  • Competence of the crane operator

Here are the benefits of renting a crane:

  • No need to invest a significant amount of money to maintain the machines.
  • You do not have to deal with all the hazards as the rental company provides the necessary assistance.
  • Most of the crane rental companies offer back-up and support services.
  • Experience of the crane hire company (they will guide you to the best option, e.g. the carrying capacity, length of the boom and radius of rotation).

If you are going to use a crane for only one or two projects in the short term, it is indeed worth renting a crane rather than purchasing one. One reputable company in Melbourne is MCL Crane Hire. They cater to a wide range of tasks, be it one-time crane services or full management from start to project completion.