Elevators break down on a daily basis. Whether it’s worn sheaves or simply an old operating system, many different factors can contribute to elevator malfunctions and breakdowns. Taking proactive, preventative steps, however, is much easier than fixing an already broken elevator and regular inspection is the first step to ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

No one likes when elevators break down. Not only it is a sign that the elevator is getting old but also that people will need to take the stairs, and imagine the person who works on level 10, good luck! Let’s see at some of the reasons for elevator breakdowns:

Power Failure

Since elevators require a large supply of power from commercial building utility systems, voltage updates can affect motor operations, and updates to systems can even cause damage to the elevator. This can hamper the elevator’s performance and cause it to stop working properly.

Worn Sheaves

Worn sheaves place excess wear on ropes, in turn further increasing the level of wear on the sheaves. Ideally, proper inspection will prevent this from occurring, but once it does begin, damage is inevitable. This is particularly dangerous as a weak rope can mean the elevator may suddenly stop altogether or harm people.


With wear comes the release of small metal particles into the oil, which interferes with elevator system functioning. Improper lubrication or worn-out seals can also interfere with proper functioning. Proper elevator maintenance and inspection can spot this issue beforehand and with proper lubrication, you’re good to avoid this situation.

Bearing Malfunction or Loud Bearings

More than half of all motor failures can be traced back to bearing malfunction, and vibrations within the motor can result in noisy bearings. Although variable frequency drives can help decrease the motor’s energy use, they can also introduce common mode current – a by-product that increases vibrations to hazardous levels.

Misaligned Motor Drive

Shaft alignment is critical when another piece of equipment is coupled to an electric motor, as improper alignment can cause wear on motor bearing.

However, all of these issues can be effectively tackled and erased with effective elevator maintenance and inspection. Always ensure to hire experts to carry our in-depth and comprehensive elevator performance analysis that will shed some light into the elevator in your building and what needs to be one to improve its current state. Elevator maintenance and inspection is not something to be ignored and need to be performed on a regular basis.