Big or small, mansions or holiday chalets, each construction project starts with one thing – foundations. This is the backbone of all constructions projects and will be part of any structural developments you undertake as you build, renovate, and extend your house. To understand the importance of foundations, you should consider them as the lowest part of your building structure. This means that it is the part which transfers the weight of your building to the soil whilst keeping everything in tact and upright.

The fundamental quality of a good foundation is to support the entire building. Foundations distribute loads onto the surface evenly, allowing you to construct well-supported buildings.

Strong foundations equate to better resistance to strong weather forces. A strong foundation keeps both the structure of the building intact, as well protects the occupants of that building safe. One good example would be the levitating foundation which protects from earthquakes.

Prevents moisture from damaging the your buildings. One of the great advantages of foundations is that they reduce the amount of liquids and moisture that are absorbed by your walls. This is usually aided by the use of concrete sealers, that block concrete pores to reduce the absorption of water and salt.