Universal evolutions and theoretical physics are tricky concepts that many are still struggling with. Yet, it’s not an overstatement to say that mankind is harder to understand. No matter what part of the world we come from, basically we are all human beings and studies revealed that the DNA of all people living today is 99.9% alike. We all have a brain to think, we all seek happiness and we all have roots extending back to 300,000 years to the emergence of the first human beings. Despite being remarkably similar, human beings have a particular “preference” for waging war and widening gaps between communities.

Putting away all the philosophical talk, let’s now concentrate on the construction industry – one of the largest industries on earth.

The construction industry is one of the oldest industries in the world and is responsible for creating global infrastructure. In fact, growth and progress in this industry are indicators of the economic conditions of a country. Perhaps, the best part is how this industry brings together a majority of people from different age groups, genders, classes and cultures. And, every successful leader in the construction industry knows that teamwork is essential for the industry to thrive.

Teamwork is used across many different industries, but its prominence is highlighted more by the construction industry. There is a step-by-step process of how a building is constructed but all building projects require the collaboration of architects, engineers, real estate developers, contractors, facility managers and construction workers. From the planning stage to the close-out phase, teamwork is vital for the success of any building project. Researchers identified factors like open communication to encourage teamwork in the construction industry. However, according to some, inclusion is also an important factor that can power teamwork in the workplace.

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What is Inclusion?What is Inclusion?

Inclusion simply refers to when everyone -regardless of their age, gender, class or culture – is able to access and gain equal opportunities. In the workplace, inclusion is used when a mixture of people can come together to work. It’s about allowing individuals from different backgrounds to be socially accepted, welcomed and equally treated in the industry. It is also important to note that this practice is considered a universal human right.

Inclusion in the Construction Industry

Inclusion in the Construction IndustryThe construction industry is divided into different sectors and a construction project is divided into different phases. Woven into the complexity of these sectors and phases are individuals who tend to focus only on deadlines, time frames, tasks, schedules, milestones, profits, income and important stakeholders. Construction is a very complex industry and people are often so consumed with tasks that they overlook the human element that is keeping the industry firm.

Without doubt, it is truly incredible how people can come together and create amazing structures. However, inclusion is believed to be a critical component that can unlock the full potential of teamwork in the construction industry.

Gender Inclusion

Today, a person may identify themselves as being female, male, neither or both. Gender inclusion is the notion that all opportunities, rights, services and establishments are open to all these gender identities. Gender inclusion in the construction industry is about promoting gender equality and gender justice, acknowledging that women and transgenders can play a crucial role in the construction industry.

Cultural Inclusion

A culturally inclusive workplace is an environment where people of all cultural orientations can work together and freely express themselves. Over the last decades, cultural diversity has been gaining momentum because it can foster a healthy work environment.

Cultural inclusion in the construction industry is about recognizing and respecting the needs, abilities and opinions of people of many cultures. The aim of incorporating it into the construction industry is to eliminate any prejudices, stereotypes and ethnocentrism that are affecting the industry’s growth.