A deck is one of the most important features of a home. It is not only a space for relaxation but also a functional space. However, it is not easy to build a deck at home. It requires the observance of several rules. It is, therefore, essential to define them. In this section, you will find the necessary information on the essential points to consider when building or designing a deck. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about building a deck.

Deck design: for what purpose? First essential point

Raised Deck

First of all, it is necessary to define the purpose of your deck before building or fitting it out. This being the case, here are the various possible uses of a deck:

    • Dining area: a deck as a dining area should be close to your kitchen
    • Relaxation area: It is not uncommon to find decks built for relaxation. The ideal location for this type of deck is the garden
    • Space to limit sun exposure: this is one of the functions of the terrace. This requires a particular orientation for your terrace.

To facilitate your requests on the choice of materials to use and the types of work according to your requirements, ask for the help of a professional carpenter.

Choice of materials: the second essential point to consider

The choice of materials to be used is essential. It must take into account eventualities such as a fence or a windbreak. This being the case, one must pay attention to the characteristics of each material to be used.

Wood, for example, is a cheap and aesthetic material. It offers you the choice to proceed with two types of construction: the high construction and the installation on gratings. These types of construction mean, respectively, the construction of a terrace on the concrete slab a few centimeters above the ground and the construction of a terrace directly connected to your house. Besides wood, other materials can be used, such as:

    • Natural stone: widely used, elegant, and durable material
    • Outdoor tiles: versatile material for decking or flooring
    • Gravel: expensive but very easy to install.

Furnishing your terrace: the third essential point


It goes without saying that a deck is not enough to make your home luxurious. However, a well-furnished deck will make your home more attractive.

Therefore, the choice of furniture for the decoration is important as well as the first points. You can opt for several types of decoration for your space. If you don’t have a preference, Scandinavian decor or a bohemian and cocooning atmosphere could suit you.

Lighting the terrace after construction: the fourth essential point

A well-designed terrace must be illuminated. This sometimes requires some additional work, such as energy renovation. For the lighting of the terrace, you have many options to choose from:

    • Garlands of light
    • Colored candle holders
    • Iron lanterns
    • LEDs
    • Recessed spotlights
    • Solar lamps
    • Classic wall lamps.

So you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the ideal lighting. However, it is recommended today to opt for ecological lighting.

Protection of the terrace from the opposite side: the fifth essential point

5 Steps to Install Composite Wood Deck

An open-air terrace is great! However, it does not offer you any opportunity for private moments. It goes without saying that you should put up barriers to keep out prying eyes. You can install a screen or opt for aluminum joinery to do this. Of course, you can also use other materials. In addition to the materials, you can also opt for the following:

    • A natural hedge with climbing plants on stakes
    • Shade sails on a pergola
    • High and tight plants
    • A retractable screen
    • A fence
    • A privacy screen.

These enclosure options are ideal for protecting your deck and giving you some discretion.

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