So, do you wish to have a high-quality and durable fiberglass pool in your backyard? Are you dreaming of spending countless hours splashing about in total bliss? Is the only thing stopping you the thought that the installation process is difficult? Then read on to get a full break-down of the process:


The layout of your fiberglass pool
First, your expert pool installer will have to take the necessary measurements to dig a hole in the ground. The hole should be in the required size and shape so that your chosen pool model fits in it perfectly. Also, the expert will take the aid of a dig sheet, a template for measuring width, length, and depth. Then, he will draw the design of your pool model on the ground with a marker. Do not forget to discuss your landscaping wishes with him at this initial stage.
The excavation process
Secondly, the real hard work starts with the digging of a massive hole in your backyard. This will obviously need specialized excavating machines and equipment such as backhoes and excavators. Your expert installer will use his dig sheet from time to time to check the levels of the cavity being dug to achieve exact proportions. Also, you should remember that you must dig the cavity a little deeper to allow the installation of the plumbing accessories of your pool!

Setting the floor of your pool.
The third step in this interesting task is building your pool’s floor. Your expert will make the base of your pool by laying stones at the bottom of the hole. Then, he will use screed bars as guides to achieve the required slope and also to ensure a smooth and level floor finish. After this process, the installer compacts the gravel for the floor’s stability.

The placement of your fiberglass pool
The exciting fourth step in your dream pool installation is its delivery and placement! Your expert will use a reliable low trailer to carefully haul your desired swimming pool model to your backyard. He will also bring the filtration equipment with him at the same time. Then, an enormous crane will lift your pool to place it in the hole. Your expert will then check your pool from different angles to make sure it is level.

The plumbing and back-filling process of your pool
The following steps in the installation of your fantasy pool are the connection of pipes and the refilling of the excavated hole. The plumbing part basically includes installing deep-end suction fittings, a skimmer box, and return fittings. So, the workers connect the required main plumbing units to the pump and filter with PVC pipes. However, experts also recommend the installation of a hydrostatic pressure relief system. Using a salt system for pool water sanitization will also be helpful, but it is optional. Moving to the back-filling part, the workers will use either gravel or a flowable back-fill to reload the hollow space. But first, you will have to fill your pool with water to provide equal pressure and stability on both sides of your pool walls.

The reinforcement of your pool
Another crucial step in achieving a perfectly installed fiberglass pool is its reinforcement around its perimeters with bond beams. For this to happen, you must pour a thick layer of concrete after securing the rebars well. In this way, you get a solid and stable pool.


Coping and placing the deck
The final step is to beautify the appearance of your fiberglass pool to make it relaxing! Thus, this task involves coping and decking. Coping will separate the pool shell from the surrounding surface to protect its structure. So, when the installer finishes placing the paver coping, he builds the deck. After a polished finish, the installer will hand you a clean and professional pool!

The installation of a fiberglass pool is simple and quick. This means that you will start swimming and enjoying yourself with your family in a very short time! Also, you can hire many specialized installers to do the job for you! Please let us know about your pool experience and share your comments below!