How Do You Spray Concrete With a Concrete Mixer


    – Practical information on the dosages for mixing concrete with a concrete mixer

    – Before you start…

    – Step 1: Make your mix

    – Step 2: Adjust the consistency of your concrete

    – Step 3: Clean the tank

Used in many works (sealing, earthworks, formwork…), concrete is composed of water, sand, cement, and gravel, unlike mortar which does not contain gravel. 

The proportions of the materials depend on the use of concrete.

Using a concrete mixer to mix concrete allows you to prepare a large quantity of mix. Anyone can do it, but you must follow the steps and amounts.

Here are some tips for mixing concrete with a concrete mixer.

Practical information on mixing quantities with a concrete mixer

To obtain equal amounts, use a bucket equivalent to one volume in the calculations.

The dosage of the mixture depends on the quantity needed and the use.

The standard recipe fits in the formula 1-2-3: one volume of cement, 2 volumes of sand, 3 volumes of gravel, and ½ volume of water. Remember to adjust the volumes to the quantity you need.

Here are some typical job dosages:

    – To make a concrete path, plan on 50 kg of cement, 80 l of sand, and 160 l of gravel.

    – For earthworks and foundations: 350 kg of cement, 630 kg of dry sand, 230 kg of gravel, and 175 l of water.

    – For beams and lintels: 400 kg of cement, 720 kg of dry sand, 1040 kg of gravel, and 200 l of water.

    – For leveling screeds: 150 kg of cement, 910 kg of dry sand, 1,360 kg of gravel, and 85 l of water.

Before you start…

It would help if you first prepared the concrete mixer before filling it:

    – Check that the tank is clean. If it is not, clean it with a jet. There should be no debris left.

    – Place your mixer in a flat, stable location. It should rest on its legs. You can use chocks to keep it from moving.

    – Gather all your ingredients and equipment near the mixer. Have the hose ready for cleaning.

Materials needed to mix concrete in a concrete mixer.

  • Concrete mixer 
  • Wheelbarrow 
  • Cement 
  • Gravel 
  • Shovel 
  • Sand 
  • Bucket 
  • Watering hose 

1. Make your mix

Before you start, determine the volumes and quantities needed.

    – Turn on the mixer if it is an electric mixer. If you’re using a thermal mixer, start it like a lawnmower.

    – Pour half the determined volume of water and ⅔ of the gravel into the tank with a shovel or bucket.

    – Tilt the tank up to avoid splashing and spills.

    – Then add the ⅔ of sand and all of the cement.

    – Let it mix well for one minute.

    – Pour in the remaining gravel and sand.

    – Wait one minute.

    – Do not mix for too long to avoid separation of the materials.

Caution: it usually takes 2 or 3 minutes to mix concrete in a concrete mixer!

2. Adjust the consistency of your concrete

Adjust the consistency of the concrete by adding the remaining volume of water.

    – Check the mix: grab a handful of concrete; it should not stick to your hand. If necessary, add a shovelful of cement.

    – Leave the concrete mixer tank running. Tilt the tank down and pour the mixture into a wheelbarrow.

    – Proceed in the same way to make the required quantity of concrete.

3. Clean the tank

Concrete Mixer

To keep a concrete mixer clean, remember to clean the tank thoroughly after use before the concrete dries.

To do this:

    – Pour a bucket of water and some gravel into the tank.

    – Run the mixer for 10 minutes and pour out the mixture at the end.

    – Rinse the inside and outside of the tank with a jet of water.

Hope this helps! Remember to write your comments below.