Do you want to carry out a demolition mechanically? There are 3 types of mechanical demolition available to you: Demolition pliers, Bulldozer, Demolition excavator. There is a technique for each work and for each material:

1) the demolition pliers for a delicate demolition
2) the bulldozer for a particularly fast and efficient technique
3) the demolition shovel with the bucket and hook method.

The demolition pliers: crushes narrow pieces of concrete

The demolition pliers are mounted on-site excavators and can be used to crush any narrow concrete element.

Demolition pliers are used for so-called “secondary” demolitions.

The grab is easy to handle: it has a hydraulic 360° rotation drive and is equipped with overload protection.

Its efficiency depends on the type of jaws it is equipped with.

Demolition pliers: the right choice of jaws

The demolition pliers are equipped with a male and a female jaw that:

– guarantee excellent stability;
– can move independently of each other.

The combined force of the jaws and the hydraulic cylinder provides a constant crushing force.

These jaws can be:

– universal (U-version),
– steel cutter (S version).

What type of jaws and for what purpose?

Here is a summary table of the functions and uses of each type of jaws:

Type of jawsUses
Universal U-shaped jaws– Ideal for “light” to “medium” demolitions. – Use on heavily reinforced concrete. – Cutting of steel profiles. – Fragmentation and separation of materials.
Universal S-steel cutting jawsDemolition of steel structure buildings. Fragmentation and separation of materials.

Maintenance tips for the demolition pliers

Like most mechanical demolition equipment, the demolition pliers are equipped with lubrication devices.

It is advisable to regularly check the degree of wear of the device used: the jaws are equipped with easily replaceable parts that are subject to wear.

The blades are reversible to guarantee a longer service life.

The service life of the parts depends on several factors:

– types of work,

– frequency of use,

– type of material to be demolished.

Demolition by bulldozer: efficiency by force

Bulldozers are tractors equipped with an adjustable blade.

This blade is used in particular to push materials to shake their foundations and make them fall.

The power of the bulldozer depends on the tractor’s power: it is between 25 and 500 horses.

These tractors can be equipped with a caterpillar track or tires like all-terrain heavy vehicles.

Different types of bulldozer blade

The bulldozer blade is carried by two articulated arms that can be raised or lowered:

– low position: scraping and leveling,

– intermediate position: demolition by pushing,

– high position: material transport.

Here are the different types of blades available:

– profiled blade,

– tilting blade by pivoting,

– length in proportion to the width of the tractor (between 1.80 and 6 m),

– blade swiveling in the direction of motion of the tractor.

Bulldozer: demolition of masonry buildings

Here is a summary table of the advantages and disadvantages of the bulldozer:

– Ideal for use in masonry buildings (cinder blocks, bricks, etc.). – Allows materials to be loaded into a skip (rubble, etc.)Limited to low-rise buildings (less than three meters).

Bulldozer maintenance options and tips

Some models are equipped with different options:

– preventive maintenance,

– improved controls,

– hexagonal cabin,

– semi-U blade,

– U-blade.

Most units are equipped with greasing devices: it is recommended to refer to the manufacturers’ recommendations.

The service life of the equipment depends on the:

– hardness of the work,

– frequency of work,

– abrasiveness of the material.

Important: Regularly check the degree of wear and tear, and service the machine at the recommended intervals.

Demolition bucket and hook: hydraulic demolition excavator

The method of demolition with an excavator can be done by:

– pushing: by weighing down the construction,

– traction: by pulling on the construction,

– shock: by hitting the construction; the foundations are thus shaken and demolition made easier.

Bucket demolition excavator: low buildings

The bucket is used to dismantle a low building with low tensile strength.

For demolition, a point corresponding to the center of gravity of the construction must be chosen to:

– limit the height of the parts to be demolished,

– prevent the driver from receiving rubble.

The bucket specially adapted for demolition is the “rock” bucket, used for its wear resistance and mounted on a demolition arm. It is ideal for masonry buildings (cinder blocks, bricks, etc.) and allows construction materials to be loaded into a skip (rubble).

Hook Demolition Excavator: Secondary Demolitions

The hydraulic excavator equipped with concrete hook is used to carry out the so-called “secondary” demolitions.

The hook excavator, which looks like giant pliers, is used to deal with the fallen elements after a first destruction:

– Blocks that have fallen to the ground,

– separation between scrap metal and concrete.

Here is a summary table of its advantages and disadvantages:

– Sorting of materials by separation of elements that facilitate transport and recycling. – Light and compact. – Fast execution (some hooks are equipped with a “booster”).Useless for demolition.

Demolition excavator: options

Some devices are equipped with useful options:

– fog makers attached to the lifting arm: this prevents the spread of dust and allows you to work in complete safety, with a clear view of the building to be destroyed,

– dust collector: ideal for working in areas where dust is to be avoided,

– noise damper (cover, foam, etc.): ideal for construction sites near homes.

The service life for the demolition excavator

Most units are equipped with greasing devices: refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The service life of the tools depends on:

– the hardness of the work,

– the frequency of work,

– the abrasiveness of the material.

The degree of wear and tear should be checked regularly and any necessary repairs should be carried out accordingly.

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