Are you planning to start some construction work soon? Then you’ve certainly received heaps of advice from friends and relatives. But to get off to a really good start, it’s best to trust your architects. They know the tricks and knacks to get your project done like no one else. Here are a few golden tips for successfully keeping your construction projects on track!

Kick-Off Smartly

Of course, you are enthusiastic and want to get started quickly. But before jumping in with both feet, take some time to consider your project carefully. It would be unwise to build unnecessary rooms that could hinder your expansion project in five years – so it’s always a good idea to take a step back, consider all of your options and think about the future.

Your building should ultimately be something that meets your exact needs. Deciding what you want right at the beginning and preparing for future options may be costly today, but will surely save you a lot of work and money tomorrow (making the construction phase faster and more efficient). And yes, my personal tip: avoid last-minute changes!

Hire the Crème de la Crème

You may have a vision in your head of what you’d like, but the best way to make this vision a reality is to hire an excellent contractor. Choosing a builder might be the most critical decision you make in the building process and requires a systematic approach to finding the Crème de la Crème … So, do your homework and shop around – you’ll find plenty.

Find experienced, upfront and licensed partners who will accurately monitor your construction project – with the ability to transform an awkwardly shaped site into a fabulous piece of architecture and conceptualize out of the box designs. When you hire a firm that has experience of developing a variety of architectural styles, it is guaranteed that the expertise of it reflects into the result.

It may seem a little nebulous just when you’re about to make the most significant investment of your life. But that’s precisely why you need to think this way. After all, such an investment is not something you decide on frivolously. You need to feel good about your future home. Keep this goal in mind from the very start. And don’t let anything or anyone confuse you (with wild and fake promises).

Get All Your Financing in Order

Constructing a building can seem as easy as ABC and affordable in theory. The truth is that construction costs more than you can imagine… It entails a huge time and financial investment.

Whether you are planning to build your dream home, a commercial or office building, keeping track of your budget is crucial. Will your budget be enough to carry out your project? Is your lifestyle stable? Do you need loans, grants or additional funding? I’m sure all these questions keep popping up in your mind (not to mention the sleepless nights wrought with stress)

Having an overview of the amount of money the bank will lend you for your investment can actually help you determine the feasibility of your project. A limited budget shouldn’t be an obstacle to your choice either…you can perfectly build an original bespoke property that offers a unique experience for the same amount of money. So, just be patient and put a few extra bucks aside before you get started (and most importantly, beware of fancy talkers!)

Acquire A Commercial Building Permit

Be sure to have a valid commercial building license in hand before you start construction. Depending on the city and state in which you live, different conditions may apply to get a permit. Thus, a good understanding of the Building Code of Australia can be a fair-weather friend.

Just like any other permit application, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork and drop off some documents such as your building plans. All these can be time-consuming, so, don’t forget to consider this in your project timeline.

Have Your Land & Building Surveyed

Inspections are a key factor in assessing whether the work carried out complies with the requirements of your building permit. With the right budget and building permit in hand, it is essential to carefully examine your property to ensure that it can support your structure. And for that, you’ll need to have your land surveyed by civil engineers.

It is strongly advised that you work with building surveyors who are familiar with the technical, legal and financial aspects of construction projects. Why? To ensure that your project is structurally adequate and fully satisfies the health, safety and approval criteria of the Australian Building Code.

Dare to Dream

Deciding to construct a building is synonymous to devoting your life, free time and patience to the project for many months.

Whether you are looking to build a new or renovate an existing structure, creating a new property is an exciting adventure through which you can find out what really matters to you and learn more about yourself…who you are, what you want, how you want to live, and where you want to be. It is an opportunity to define your connection with the world, your family and yourself. If you don’t have the budget to do some of the work yet, that’s okay, you may have it later.

Dare to go off the beaten track, by, for example, blending rooms, both horizontally and vertically. Surround yourself with dedicated and passionate construction partners who are willing to let their creativity run wild. Fear no criticism – doubt and reflection are the basis of any well-founded decision.

If you’re looking for simple engineering solutions and experts to supervise your construction project, simply have mtaCONSULT in your speed dial. They conduct appropriate pre-design investigations to minimise problems on your construction site – guaranteeing a tailor-made result, which you will definitely enjoy for a long time to come.