Wall cladding is mainly for protection and decoration of walls.The wall covering is also called a couvertine or chaperon.It is a kind of hat that is placed on top of exterior walls and low walls.The wall covering is intended to protect the walls from rain and humidity. It is also a decorative element.

Several materials for a wall cladding

The ideal is to choose a wall covering that matches the style of the wall already in place.

Wall coverings are available in a wide range of materials:

– Concrete,

– reconstituted stone,

– stone.

All shapes are possible as the wall cover is slightly inclined in order to evacuate rainwater.

Installing a wall covering: several options

The pose can be done:

with mortar-cement,

– with exterior adhesive mortar,

– and exterior glue putty.

The surface of the wall or low wall must be flat:

– If there are surface holes, make sure they are filled in,

– make a cobweb (small layer of mortar) with cement mortar.

The main steps to laying a wall cladding

1 – Carefully clean the surface on which the wall covering is to be glued.

– Moisten the top of the wall or low wall.

2 – Prepare your mortar-cement and lay it down to a thickness of about 2 cm.

– Trim the surface with a trowel.

3 – Put the first wall covering in place by centring it well in relation to the wall.

– Check the level.

4 – Lay down the mortar and place the second wall covering, leaving 1 cm of joint.

– Check the level and alignment with the first wall covering.

5 – Continue laying the entire wall without forgetting to check the level and alignment each time.

6 – Allow to dry and make the joints, taking care to protect the edges of the joint with an adhesive caulk.

7 – Fill the joints with mortar and smooth with a grouting iron.

– Remove the adhesive tape before it dries completely.

8 – Once the cement has set in the joints, brush to clean.

– Do not wet: this will leave marks that are difficult to remove.

Note: Depending on dimensions, shapes, materials and dealers, prices vary over a wide range.

Hope this post on wall cladding help you decide whether you should call for an expert. Remember to share your experience in the comment section below.