The gable roof is a simple and common roof form economical and simple to construct. Two slopes, equal or not, meet at the ridge and rest laterally on gable walls. The length of the ridge is the same as the length of the base of the roof.

The Different Types of Roof Structure

In traditional carpentry, purlins and rafters come to rest on farms. The whole provides the necessary grid to support the roof. In the industrial framework, prefabricated elements are triangulated and assembled by connectors. Each triangle is a complete truss that will give the roof the slope visible from the outside.

The industrial timber frame has become very widespread, offering an affordable price and ease of installation. On the other hand, it has the disadvantage of making the attic uninhabitable, unless subsequent work is carried out, which is quite cumbersome. Also, a two-sided truss is quite easily possible in self-construction.

The Elements of the Two Sections

In a gable roof, the side load-bearing walls rise up to the roof ridge, forming a gable. You will, therefore, have an extra cost in masonry, compensated by the lower cost of the roof.

As with the gable roof, the roof for the gable roof can be straight (a single line of slope on the entire slope) or broken (a change in the line of the slope at one point on the slope). Think of the 2 sides with a line of breakage to be able to better exploit the attic space that can be converted.

Roofing on a Gable Roof


If possible, roofing elements are provided and laid in such a way that the number of such elements in a line is an integer. The edges (part of the roofing on the gable side) must be closed with edge tiles or fascia board. The gutter (part of the roofing on the facade side) overhangs to ensure watertightness with the facade walls.

It is possible (if the municipal by-law allows it) to make drawings on a roof with tiles of the same profile but of different colors. Depending on the technicality of the roofer, the decoration can be a real differentiating element for your home. However, be careful with the chosen design. You may one day want to sell your home and potential customers may not appreciate a design that is too distinctive.

The Particularities of a Gable Roof

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The frame and the cover of a two-sided roof are quite simple to build. It is generally less expensive than a four-sided roof. Depending on the layout you wish to make in your attic, it may be useful to have the two load-bearing walls on the gable.

Also, think about the solution of having two gable roofs that are not at the same level. A first gable roof, located higher up, could give you more space in the attic. A second lower part could, for example, only cover a living/dining room, leaving a good ceiling height, while enhancing the overall shape of the building. The difference in level is, of course, made up by a wall.

The maintenance of a gable roof is carried out annually, to rid the roof of plant waste, dirt, etc.. At the same time, check the condition of any fascia boards and the watertightness of the whole unit.

Roofing Accessories and Additional Equipment

If you have a chimney, depending on its location in your home, pay attention to the location of the roof outlet. A roof outlet located in the middle of the ridge of a gable roof is not always the best effect. Here, a professional can advise you on the best location.

If you choose to equip your roof with photovoltaic or thermal solar energy, you can decide, if it is technically feasible in your case, not to place this equipment in the center.

Tip: The offset and the difference in tile/panel colors may break the aesthetic poverty of the two sides.

Think of pottery, weather vanes and decorative elements that can visually enrich a gable roof, the result is often very pleasant, for a low cost.

Price of a Gable Roof

It is variable according to the type of framework (traditional or trusses), the selected roofing, and the surface area. To get an idea, count from 100 to 250 $/m² excluding VAT for a frame + roofing set, with accessories, supplied and installed by a professional. Count half as much in self-construction.

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