Cleaning at the End of the Construction Site

After Builders Cleaning is a specialised cleaning service comparable to post-disaster cleaning, fire cleaning or graffiti removal.

What Is the Purpose of After Builders Cleaning?

The work carried out in a company systematically generates dust and dirt of various kinds: rubble, waste, traces of glue, traces of paint are still present.

It is therefore essential, before reinstalling the premises in their functional layout, to make them liveable, safe and healthy by carrying out a thorough cleaning equivalent to a refurbishment.

What Does the After Builders Cleaning Consist Of?


End-of-construction cleaning includes:

  • the removal of rubble, material residues from the site such as glue, broken plaster or sawdust, etc.;
  • the restoration of surfaces (walls and floors) by vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, etc.;
  • window cleaning (degreasing, scraping and washing);
  • vacuuming debris that may obstruct the air ducts.

Who Can Carry out After Builders Cleaning?

2 solutions are available to you:

Do It Yourself:

This solution is only possible in the case of small jobs and in an environment that is not subject to particular hygiene standards.

The complexity of end of site cleaning requires the use of several professional appliances. Buying and renting them can become very expensive.

It is always recommended to hire a professional company:

Some are even specialised in After Builders Cleaning. Sometimes, the companies carrying out the work take charge of the cleaning themselves as the work progresses.

Outsourcing end-of-job cleaning represents a definite cost but proves to be a real saving, not only in time and hassle but also in money since you only pay for the amortisation of the equipment and the right amount of products used.

How Do You Organise the End of Construction Site Cleaning?

End-of-site cleaning is planned at the same time as the construction site if you call upon a company specialising in cleaning, independent of the project manager.

Although it is common for work to be delayed, it is important that the company chosen for the end of site cleaning can organise itself and stay in contact with the person in charge of the work so that it is available when the time comes.

The cleaning can be included in the specifications of the work. Remember to ask for the use of biodegradable products!

Should you want to hire a professional company in Blackburn and surrounding areas, Clean & Green have a team of highly trained and experienced specialists offering after builder’s cleaning service.