1. Specific Features of a Crane Truck

2. Advantages of a Crane Truck

3. the Different Models of Crane Trucks

The crane truck is a specific truck, which can be used to lift and load materials as well as to store and transport them.

1. Specific Features of the Crane Truck

A crane truck has the specificity of being composed of both:

a bin: for the storage and transport of materials;
and a crane: for lifting and handling heavy loads.

This truck can, therefore, be used to load and transport all types of materials.

Namely: it is used on construction sites in the form of a skip truck.

2. Advantages of This Truck:

  • use of a single machine for lifting, handling and storage of materials;
  • easy movement of heavy loads;
  • high carrying capacity.

The crane truck is available in different models depending on the type of truck.

3. The Different Models of Crane Bodies:

I. Removable bucket;
II. Tipper body;
III. Hydraulic bucket

I. Removable Tipper

A removable bucket is a bucket that can be used with different types of vehicles, and can also have many uses.

Features of the Removable Bucket

A removable bucket is a bucket that can be attached to a truck or placed on other structures.

It can be used with any vehicle that has a lifting arm, for example:

  • a dump truck;
  • a semi-trailer;
  • a tractor, etc.

Uses of the Removable Tipper

The removable bucket is a type of bucket that is mainly used as:

  • gravel skip;
  • rubbish bin;
  • concrete bucket;
  • agricultural bucket.

Thanks to its removable fastening system, it allows a very flexible use and can, therefore, be adapted to many private or professional uses.

The different versions of the removable bucket

The removable bucket is available in different models at the level:

  • of its dimensions;
  • of its structure.

Dimensions of the Removable Bucket

A removable bucket can be offered in different sizes, with a capacity generally ranging from 10 to 40 m3.
Its standard dimensions, therefore, vary between:

  • 5 and 7 meters in length;
  • 2 meters wide;
  • 1 meter and 2.5 meters high.

Removable Bucket Structure

A removable bucket can be proposed:

  • with open or closed openings on each side;
  • with fixed or folding sides;
  • in the form of a tipper;
  • in the form of a hydraulic bucket

II. Tipper Body

The tipper body is suitable to be used as:

  • an agricultural bucket;
  • a gravel skip;
  • a dumpster.

It is also widely used for waste collection and unloading.

The Advantages of the Tipper

  • versatile uses;
  • easy loading and unloading thanks to the tilting system;
  • available in different versions and with many options;
  • easy handling;
  • adaptable for different types of vehicles.

Dump Body: Different Versions

A tipper can be offered in different models, but also with various options to meet the needs of each user.

It is, therefore, possible to find a tipper:

  • with a right, left or rear tilting system for pouring along with the vehicle;
  • lowered to facilitate the loading of certain materials;
  • with an opening bottom for convenient loading;
  • lift to adapt to different loading and unloading heights;
  • self-tilting: to allow unloading whether the vehicle is moving or stationary;
  • waterproof and polyethylene for use with food products.

The tipper can also be offered in different sizes.

III. The Hydraulic Bucket

The hydraulic bucket is a type of bucket that facilitates the unloading of the various materials and waste transported.

Use of the Hydraulic Bucket

The hydraulic system can be used:

  • for the opening of a door;
  • with a tilting system.

The hydraulic bucket is, therefore, a type of bucket that is mainly used for:

  • an agricultural use: agricultural bucket;
  • unloading of gravel: gravel bin;
  • garbage unloading: dumpster;
  • concrete discharge: concrete bucket.

Hydraulic Bucket Operation

The operation of a hydraulic bucket is based on a compound hydraulic circuit:

  • a gear pump;
  • of a piston cylinder.

The hydraulic pressure supplied by the pump varies according to the load capacity of the bucket.

In the case of a hydraulic dump truck, the hydraulic system consists of an electric pump unit. A pump supplies the hydraulic system with a lifting cylinder and a distributor.

The tipping of the bucket is obtained by moving the piston of the cylinder.

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