ChatGPT For Students: AI Chatbots Are Revolutionizing Education

chatbot in education

So, as a high school senior who’s staring down the prospect of a college education, I’m desperately hoping we can find a more nuanced solution for avoiding ChatGPT plagiarism. This could be invaluable help with the so-called summer melt – the motivation of students who’ve been admitted to college waning over the summer. We are constantly telling people that bots are a good way to explain concepts, so we decided to lead by example. If you don’t know what an API is or how to code, don’t worry, we explain everything. Chatbot’s maintenance service is all taken care of by the company and does not need big budgets for its useful features to be maintained or repaired. This also reduces the need to hire a professional to program the chat for performing certain functions thus saving a lot of money and effort.

The authors identified that several evaluation methods such as surveys, experiments, and evaluation studies measure acceptance, motivation, and usability. Furthermore, in regard to problems faced, it was observed that in the EC group, the perception transformed from collaboration issues towards communicative issues, whereas it was the opposite for the CT group. According to Kumar et al. (2021), collaborative learning has a symbiotic relationship with communication skills in project-based learning. This study identifies a need for more active collaboration in the EC group and commitment for the CT group. Overall, it can be observed that the group task performed through ECs contributed towards team building and collaboration, whereas for the CT group, the concept of individuality was more apparent. Interestingly, no feedback from the EC group mentioned difficulties in using the EC nor complexity in interacting with it.

The Future of AI Chatbots in the Educational Sector

The chatbot isn’t just the recipient of inquiries and questions – schools, colleges, and universities can use it to proactively send reminders, messages, or news. Using a chatbot reduces the summer melt, the phenomenon when students who apply and are accepted to a college fail to enroll. Summer melt affects 22,8% of college-intending high school graduates each year. However, software developers realize the limits of AI and use AI chatbots to facilitate conversations with the right support staff when needed. The bot begins by asking user several questions to determine their job, position, and industry. But if the user provides details like workday structure or skills self-assessment, Magpie can create a detailed list.

Teachers and students can use the Jasper chatbot to receive assistance in completing their work or seek relevant information quickly. One important limitation to be mentioned here is the exclusion of alternative keywords for our search queries, as we exclusively used chatbot as keyword in order to avoid search results that do not fit our research questions. A second limitation may lie in the formation of categories and coding processes applied, which, due to the novelty of the findings, could not be built upon theoretical frameworks or already existing code books. Although we have focused on ensuring that codes used contribute to a strong understanding, the determination of the abstraction level might have affected the level of detail of the resulting data representation. To understand and underline the current need for research in the use of chatbots in education, we first examined the existing literature, focusing on comprehensive literature reviews.

#5. Administration tasks

Educational chatbots are computer programs powered by state-of-the-art generative AI technology. They can simulate human-like conversations and provide detailed answers on a wide range of topics. Besides, a chatbot for education acts as a virtual assistant to help teachers and students perform various tasks with ease. According to Schmulian and Coetzee (2019), there is still scarcity in mobile-based chatbot application in the educational domain, and while ECs in MIM has been gaining momentum, it has not instigated studies to address its implementation. Furthermore, there are also limited studies in strategies that can be used to improvise ECs role as an engaging pedagogical communication agent (Chaves & Gerosa, 2021).

It’s subscription-based pricing plans may seem steep, but it offers free credits to test it out before you make a commitment. Koala is definitely one of the best AI chatbot assistants for teachers and students. AI chatbots have invaded many areas of our life due to their efficiency and 24-7 availability. On the contrary, using a chatbot for education is a fantastic way to enrich learning and improve student communication.

Since different researchers with diverse research experience participated in this study, article classification may have been somewhat inaccurate. As such, we mitigated this risk by cross-checking the work done by each reviewer to ensure that no relevant article was erroneously excluded. We also discussed and clarified all doubts and gray areas after analyzing each selected article. Various design principles, including pedagogical ones, have been used in the selected studies (Table 8, Fig. 8).

chatbot in education

These forms can be used to take a survey from students such as, how their course could be improved, how did they like the previous lecture or overall quality of their learning experience. Almost every student owns one or more personal smart devices which have led schools to accept BYOD management as a norm. Instant messages, virtual assistants and social media have become their school hallway, where they exchange not only messages but study materials, help each other with assignments and do their researches through these platforms. Replacing the traditional surveys, a chatbot talks to students via a special messenger and processes their feedbacks, letting the teacher know what works well, what is ineffective, and what else they can implement. Students do not need to contact their teachers and wait a few hours for the information. They can send a message directly to an educational AI chatbot and get real-time scaffolded support with instruction and continuous assessment.

Barriers to Chatbot Acceptance in Education

The increasing use of technology in everyday life is changing the way students learn and absorb information. It is because of artificial intelligence that the educators today are able to provide a personalized learning environment to the students. The researchers have developed systems that can automatically detect whether students are able to understand the study material or not. Chatbots or artificially intelligent conversational tools, built to improve student interaction and collaboration, are acting as a game changer in the innovative ed-tech world. This article discusses 7 ways in which artificial intelligence and chatbots are influencing the education. The use of chatbots in education has become increasingly popular in recent years.

  • Whether you want a chatbot for an institute, a consultancy or a college, the educational chatbot has to be different than a regular B2C chatbot.
  • As more educators realize the potential benefits of this technology, we can expect it to become even more widely used in the future.
  • The findings point to improved learning, high usefulness, and subjective satisfaction.
  • No need to manually search for simple answers that the institution can set-up for their chatbot once, and then enjoy for the rest of eternity!
  • Students independently choose their group mates and work as a group to fulfill their project tasks.

This does not only increases the potential to learn quickly but develops an interest in the longer run. Botsify chatbot for Education is dedicated to students, teachers, administrations and the entire education industry across the globe. It can not only help students learn online but teachers can get assistance in the evaluation, grading and student feedback collection. Today many big names are using AI chatbots in eCommerce to improve their customer service and to engage more and more audiences to stay relevant and visible. Apart from business, other sectors are also deploying chatbots including educational institutes and educators. There are also many paper writing service that helps you delegate your work.


In the case of Google Scholar, the number of results sorted by relevance per query was limited to 300, as this database also delivers many less relevant works. The value was determined by looking at the search results in detail using several queries to exclude as few relevant works as possible. This approach showed promising results and, at the same time, did not burden the literature list with irrelevant items. More than 275 university and industry partners offer courses and credentials, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees. “Once this went out to the public, and journalists started doing it, and teachers started doing it, students started cheating with it. ChatGPT is able to process large amounts of text and shares that information such as summarising it or explaining it “in a conversational way.

chatbot in education

They can simulate a classroom experience, delivering personalized learning content, and adapting to individual student needs. Interactive learning chatbots can offer quizzes, exercises, and educational games, providing an engaging learning environment. According to the research, education is one of the top 5 industries profiting from using chatbots. Using AI chatbots for education will increasingly become a key to enhancing students’ learning experience and educators’ productivity.

The datasets used and analyzed during the current study are available from the corresponding author on request. Teaching and Learning via Chatbots with Immersive and Machine Learning Capabilities. In International Conference on Education (ICE 2019) Proceedings, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 10–11, 2019. “Gulf countries are really thinking a lot about education, and about how to build a sustainable economy and workforce that will be durable well beyond the time when oil was the main thing [driving their economies],” Mr Maggioncalda said. New York schools have banned access to ChatGPT on its computers in response to plagiarism concerns, for example.

As a result, we can expect an immense growth of the education sector, beneficiary interactions between students and educators, and a superior classroom environment. The most famous AI-powered virtual assistant chatbot is Genie, developed and implemented at Deakin University, Australia. Presented through a mobile application, it leverages chatbots, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and a predictive analytics engine to deliver personalized advice and services, guided assistance, and curated content. It gives students easy access to their unit information, results, timetable, or answers to common student questions.

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  • Besides, it was stipulated that students’ expectations and the current reality of simplistic bots may not be aligned as Miller (2016) claims that ANI’s limitation has delimited chatbots towards a simplistic menu prompt interaction.
  • Other objectives also make up a substantial amount of these publications (19%), although they were too diverse to categorize in a uniform way.
  • You can enhance student engagement with bots by making alumni groups and enabling them to interact/ chat with each other, just like they would chat on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.
  • With its intuitive interface and customizable features, it helps students stay focused on what matters most and make sure they’re fully prepared for exams or class assignments.
  • A study published in 2018 found that chatbots could increase engagement by up to 40 percent among students who used them regularly.