Depending on the game you’re playing and your graphics card, lowering certain settings can be more detrimental than helpful. So, it’s important to experiment with different settings and monitor your FPS to see which combinations provide the best results for your system. This trick will help you improve the frame rate in games. To apply it click the Intel HD Graphics driver tray icon, select Graphics Properties, then click the 3D tab and move the slider to Performance. In this way, you sacrifice a bit of image quality for improved 3D performance, which should lead to a few more frames per second in games. The image on the right shows the way this dialog looks for Intel HD Graphics 3000 on Windows 7. Do not expect miracles though, this will not turn your Intel HD Graphics into a high-performance gaming video card, but you will get a slight bump in frame rates depending on the game.

  • To add more arguments, type them in Additional arguments.
  • The driver is used for controlling the hardware components so that they can work properly.
  • Otherwise, you can use the Windows 8.1 Device Manager to search for audio drivers online.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the up to date device driver file on your system, you browse that file to update sound drivers.

Appeared on my kid’s computer when he didn’t unclick ‘install some junk on the side? Researching it, I do not trust this software in the least.

How do I manually install a driver in Windows 10?

Right-click a device or driver name to see if the driver needs an update. If it does, “Update Driver” will appear as an option. While both PC and Mac systems use drivers, Windows uses more drivers, which is why Windows keeps a collection of generic drivers available for download for users. Drivers for peripheral devices power smaller computer devices such as cameras, external drives, printers, microphones, music players, and more.

I found numerous occurrences of the IP address in the registry, quite time consuming and not sure I won’t do something bad. Meanwhile, I set a static address to my printer so the main issue is fixed, but still wondering how to clean the ports list.

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She is constantly expanding her knowledge in related fields. And she will continue to bring more easy-to-understand professional articles to help people solve various problems on the PC. Step 2) Locate a connected device , right-click it, and select Update Driver. Offers a scan scheduler that allows you to run the scans as per your comfort. You can identify the type, name, and manufacturer of your device. Speeds up the processor, memory, broadband, and hard drives. Provides excellent security, privacy, and performance.

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