Did you know that properties with a more stunning roof have a higher market value? Maybe it’s time for you to start painting your roof! Are you considering roof restoration in Melbourne? For your roof to be well maintained, it needs to be repainted regularly, every five years. This not only keeps your roof looking good but also checks for dents, holes or even corrosion that may be starting to form. Before your roof starts to leak or rust, here are some vital tips for painting your ceiling!

Make Sure You Have the Right Paint for the Surface of Your Roof

The first thing to note when painting your roof is to get the type of paint that is specially designed for roof surfaces. Since there are many different types of roof material, most rooftop paints are applicable to rooftops made in a variety of materials such as cement, concrete tiles and other types of roofing. However, acrylic paints are the most commonly used roofing paints because they have many advantages over other roofing paints. They can resist flaking, cracking and chalking.

Prepare the Surface of Your Roof Before Painting.

Before painting your roof with its first coat, you must prepare it to get the best possible result. This can be quite challenging, but it’s totally worth it. You need to remove all dirt and dust from the roof surface and smooth it by sanding down the paint that has come off. Remember that your roof must be clean and dry before you paint it.

Plan Your Roof Painting Project During the Sunny Months of the Year

Rain can be your worst enemy when you’re painting your roof. If it rains while your paint is still wet, it will not dry properly. So make sure you schedule your project during the months of the year when it rains the least.

Check to See If You Have Enough Paint for Several Coats

It’s crucial to buy enough (or even more than enough) paint for one or more coats. If you’re not sure how much to get, get an approximate measurement of your roof and consult your supplier for the spread rate per square metre.

Plan Ahead

If you plan to paint your roof yourself, make sure you do it strategically. Plan how you are going to paint your roof so that you don’t have to step on wet paint when you are finished.

But Why Should You Paint Your Roof?

Improving the Aesthetic

If you have noticed that the tiles, shingles and metal surfaces of your roof are starting to fade, it is wise to repaint it with a new coat. This will also improve the appearance of your entire property. Be sure to use the right paint to get the best result.

Longer Life Span

An adequately painted roof system has a longer life than an unpainted system. Roof paint products are available that can withstand the elements. However, it is essential to hire a qualified painter to ensure that the work is done correctly.

Reduced Room Temperature

Choose white paint for your roof because it reflects sunlight, which can give the room a cooler temperature. With this concept, you will use less electricity and save more energy.

Roof painting is one of the best roofing solutions you can try. It can extend the life of your roof, protect it from the elements and save you money on roof repairs.

One Piece of Advice:

Hire a professional for all your roof painting to avoid poorly painted roofs. Beware of roofing products used on your property. Don’t forget to evaluate the roof before you start repairing it. For all your roofing work and tips on how to save money on roof repairs in Melbourne, contact Roof Fix!